CES 2012 Gaming Case & Tower Lineup

Gamers Nexus: "CES exploded with way more gaming hardware than we expected, which is good news, because a few of the classiest chassis-makers have put out word that they're working on several new lines of gaming towers and cases. Check out the photos and specs of some of our favorite, new gaming cases (so far) below."

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Velox2235d ago

I love those boxy cases... so cool.

Lelldorianx2235d ago

Boxy cases like the HAF series (there's a new HAF XM in town, as well) are my favorite. They're not super portable, but they have a certain style that's very attractive.

BattleAxe2235d ago

Cooler Master makes the ugliest cases in the business. If you want a nice case, buy a Corsair or a Lian Li. The HAF Series is the kind of computer case that you would find in a messy bedroom with skid mark stained underwear hanging off of it.

kewlrats2235d ago

Case design is an art unto itself. I remember when the boxes were always that ugly yellow-gray back in the 90s. This is music to my eyes.

john22235d ago

Hmmmmm, I might get one of those for my upcoming PC system

xtremexx2235d ago

O_O, i am ashamed by the looks of my computer

SKUD2235d ago

The only sleek looking case out of that line up was the Corsair 550D. The rest look super cheesy.

ScubbaSteve2235d ago

Everyone's got their own opinion, but it looks like they're covering up a lot of fans in order to make it have solid sides. I've never been a fan of those front doors covering all the drive bays, they allow for a sleek look but they serve no purpose and you got to open them every time u want to use the DVD player so I tend to avoid them. You probably really like the solid look though which does look nice and I can't fault you for personal taste.

I'm interested to see what the new HAF case has inside. The HAF-X was very practical in terms of layout and features and it'll be interesting to see what's changed in the new model.

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