Hitman: Absolution video: new gameplay and interview

Here’s gameplay director Christian Elverdam talking about the new features and gameplay in Hitman: Absolution. He covers things like how the Instinct system works and what you can do with it, as well as a few teasing bits of plot info. There’s also footage of 47 in action in the new Orphanage level, with fresh kills, new assassin tricks and nuns!

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Lelldorianx2355d ago

I loved Blood Money. We'll see if it can live up to its predecessors.

SolidStoner2355d ago

I played every single Hitman, this one looks just as good, or even better.

hiredhelp2355d ago

This great i too played all the hitman series even thoe some may not like the bullet time the instincs thing going on, to have the option of difficulty to have that limited or off is awsome.
Given the player controll weather to go fullauto or stealthy or mix is very important reminds me deus ex. Very good very good day 1 buy on pc from me.