AMY Now Available on XBLA and PSN for UK Users

ALbatross Revue | Survival Horror AMY is out now on XBLA and PSN for UK users

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Zoron0072105d ago

Out in US as well at least 360. It was ok for a $10 game but combat and animations felt clunky and ai was pretty dumb. I might pick it up DotW.

AlbatrossRevue2105d ago

Had to put UK so as not to imply that it was out on PSN for US. Plus the press release for the US came out way later.

THC CELL2105d ago

Could of been better felt rushed

gigreen2105d ago

Not just UK, seems like it's available in most European stores...

I'm Downloading it right now. I hope it's as good as Siren Blood Curse.

AlbatrossRevue2105d ago

Indeed, it was released accross all of Europe on both XBLA and PSN

BX812105d ago

Played the 360 demo and the screen tear was pretty often. I didn't much care for it , but I like the direction they were going with it.