Crysis half price on PSN

EA has slashed 50% off the asking price of Crysis on PSN, reducing the game to just £7.99 between now and the end of January.

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lugia 40001661d ago

Was 75% off for PC a bunch of times...

gigreen1661d ago

Yeah I bought when it was like €2,50 on Steam.

But sadly for PSN any price below €10 can be considered pretty good...

Luc201661d ago

Does it have trophies?

spacedelete1661d ago

don't be so damn lazy and google it.

The_Nameless_One1661d ago

You've unlocked the Lazy Ass trophy.

ginganinja1661d ago

a full set including a platinum

Les-Grossman1661d ago

Since this game is half assed with no multiplayer. This should have been the original price

paddystan1661d ago

The multiplayer isn't funny at all. Only mods makes it funny, and consoles don't support mods.

LiL T1661d ago

@fantomena Correction " Xbox 360 does not support mods". PS3 supported Mods and KB/M on UT3 just because no one does doesn't mean its not supported.

dorron1661d ago

This one should have been bundled with Crysis 2.

BeaArthur1661d ago (Edited 1661d ago )

Seems like I'm the only one that is going to be picking this up. I wanted to try it when it came out but didn't have the time. Really liked Crysis 2 and at that price I'll make the time.

Kind of weird that it was only on the PSN though. I would have thought that it would be for both systems.

enfestid1661d ago

I think he meant it's weird it's only for sale on PSN.

BeaArthur1661d ago

Yes, I meant it's weird that it's only on sale for the PSN. Although the articles seems to indicate that it's for regions other than the U.S. so maybe that is why.

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