Hot Shots Golf 5 gets March 2008 release

One of the best PS3 games to come out this year never made it to the States. Hot Shots Golf 5 tore up the Japanese sales charts thanks to its attractive graphics, accessible gameplay and ultra-cute characters. PS3 Fanboy has learned that SCEA will finally release one of their favorite games in the States in March 2008. Check out new screenshots from the game below.

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PS360WII3875d ago

Very good news. I always liked the Hot Shots series and I'm looking forward to this one. 3 was better than 4 and the PSP version was very nicely done with all the extras you could get yet they never brought back the mini golf and driving range from the PS1 era of Hot Shots :(

WAR_MACHINE773875d ago

well looks like my girlfriend can finally get off my back about importing this for her.

UnblessedSoul3875d ago

Im gonna get this looks like fun

gtgcoolkid3875d ago

I always liked these series

Lumbo3875d ago

The thing that is really sad is, that for me the perfect golf game would be HSG5 environment graphics + TigerWoods08 Player models and controls.

Now i will surely grab HSG5, but i will miss the analog shot system i like so much on TigerWoods. Imho the button tapping "swing" is so darn outdated that an overhaul like TW got it was necessary.

PS360WII3875d ago

they added a new control feature to HS5 with analog control. It's not like the TW swing though it's more in the timing and such.

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The story is too old to be commented.