Hitman's gameplay is changing with Hitman: Absolution, here's why [IncGamers]

IncGamers: Game director Tore Blystad talks us through the changes and the reasons behind them.

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GamerElite2321d ago

I've always enjoyed the Hitman games. Sneaking around, planning the perfect kill and leaving without a trace. I hope the keep the same stealth element from the previous games.

h311rais3r2321d ago

Same here. It was a blast sneaking into a mansion to kill one guy and avoi the entire body of guards. So rewarding getting out with your 5000$ suit in tact ;)

MurDocINC2321d ago

I have only played the first game, it was great and ahead of it's time. But yea the mechanics were a pain now that I remember.
It's good to hear their making them more fuild.