Best of: Greatest graphical achievements of 2011

Connor White says: "I’m not one to merely sing the praises of graphics like they’re the only driving force behind a game’s quality, but suffice to say that this generation of games has allowed for some pretty impressive visual material. Games are looking more realistic than we could have ever dreamed of. Each year, it seems like there are greater advances in visual technology, and the growth continues to inspire new vistas and visages. 2011 was itself filled with flashy pieces of tech in gaming."

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Chnswdchldrn2379d ago (Edited 2379d ago )

I think it'd be more appropriate to say no Witcher 2, hmm...

I mean Uncharted 3 looks nice but its not that huge of a step up from Uncharted 2 in tech or in aesthetics, with the exception of the addition of some pretty epic cinematic set-pieces

Witcher 2 is a massive graphical leap from the first game. It looks absolutely stunning if you can run it, and they even invented a brand new graphical setting called ubersampling. Going by how this article is categorizing "graphical achievements" I'd say Witcher 2 fits the bill more than Uncharted 3

Also just a note about L.A. Noire: The face technology is really something special, but it looks so freaking weird to see such realistic faces on far less realistic bodies. Maybe in the future when rockstar has an engine that looks far more realistic than the one used for LA noire this problem will be rectified, but right now it just looks very out of place putting advanced facial animations on dated bodies.

CoD5112379d ago

To be honest, I think it's hardware lagging behind there. The frame rate would probably take a massive hit pushing massive detail onto every single element.

vikingland12379d ago

I can't deny how good L.A. noir looks. Still it wasn't my cup of tea.

Campy da Camper2378d ago

Agreed. The driving from here to there killed it for me. What is the point of a great, wide open city when you can only go into 1% of the buildings.

Also, some of those side missions were literally 30 seconds long.

I appreciate the facial technology but the rest of the game was boring IMO.

SkittlesLikesPopcorn2379d ago

lmfao. no witcher 2, no uncharted 3, no killzone series, no bf3....

I guess this is what your list looks like when you dont own anything but a 360. I pity the author if he thinks rage is cutting edge (or the other games on his list for that matter).

Lowlander22379d ago

In fairness, I can't say I own a superpowered PC, but I assure you everything else is fair game.

Holeran2379d ago

No Killzone 3? No uncharted 3? Agenda?

Lowlander22379d ago (Edited 2379d ago )

They did look great, but they weren't exactly new frontiers for graphics as far the stuff under the hood went. Crysis 2 is the only one on the list which comes close to simply being good.

If I were to put Killzone and Uncharted on there, I'd have to put Batman, Portal et al on there.

If anything, you guys should be saying "Where's El Shaddai?", because that's an entry I regret not putting on there.

Holeran2379d ago

To me Killzone 3 was by far one of the best visually for the year and it ran absolutly flawlessly which is a rarity given how much they were pushing the hardware.

Cosmo8112379d ago

Worst list I've seen in a long, long while.

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The story is too old to be commented.