Rumors: Don’t Believe the Hype

Drew Bergmark of WouldYouKindly: CES 2012 has begun and the rumors of Microsoft announcing the cleverly titled project name ‘NextBox’ were false. What a shocker, right? Wrong. These days, bloggers from top gaming websites to the lowliest Blogger page create rumors that have no credibility; simply to create traffic back to their blog (or for the ‘lolz’). For more editorials, check out!

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LFC1EE2321d ago (Edited 2321d ago )

I think the xb360 needs a new console now because ps3 is by far a better console, i play cod mw3 on xb360 and ps3 and the visuals are lighter and not so dark has xb360 on ps3 and i'm playing on a 62in plasma 3d tv, and i played uncharted the 3rd in the series outstanding it makes the visauls on my xb360 look like an old atari 2600

vishant1012321d ago

Yes the xbox needs a successor more then ps3 but the difference in visual quality is not that big multiplay games look marginally better on either console usuall depending on which was the lead platform and uncharted does look amazing but it is ps's best game most other games graphically can be competed with 360 games i.e gears nd forza do look better then some ps exclusives.

Droid Control2321d ago

A lot of people are claiming that we won't see a 720 announcement at E3 this year because the 360 and Kinect are still selling well.

True, they are still selling - but for how long? Kinect has very little quality support, the sales have slowed, I think M$ know that Kinect has only a couple of years left.

Sony continue to sell the PS2 alongside the PS3. It makes complete sense to sell the 720 alongside the 360.Let the casuals buy the 360 with its Kinect shovelware, give the core faithful a new console with more power and some new AAA IP.

The 360 exclusive lineup has totally dried up. Why? Is it because M$ are only interested in Kinect and the casuals now? Or is it because they are shifting resources toward developing new IP for he 720? Or even a little of both?

If we don't see the 720 this year at E3 I am officially abandoning the 360. I can't stand the system anymore. Its old, its casual - its lost its cool harcore factor. It simply isn't where I want to be.

vortis2321d ago

Spoken like a true Core Gamer™.