The Backlog: Killer 7

Default Prime's Charles Battersby writes: "Most of the games in my Backlog are things I bought just because they were on sale, but I also have a bunch of artsy-smarsty games that I bought because I felt like I should play them. Some designers specialize in this sort of weird game, and they develop a cult following for anything they make. One such fellow is Goichi Suda, or Suda51. He is responsible for No More Heroes and the upcoming Lollipop Chainsaw. But before those games, he created a Gamecube title called Killer 7. This has been sitting on my game shelf next to my Gamecube for years and, after wiping a thick layer of dust off my Wavebird, I tried to find out what the big deal is with this Suda51 guy. After a minute with the game I felt that everything about Killer 7 was designed to make people not want to play it."

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LoaMcLoa2292d ago

Most bizarre and atmospheric game there is!

Venox20082292d ago

really great game, but I started to realise how good it is, maybe after third time starting to play .. oh and nice that you mentioned Wavebird wireless controller, I think it's the best controller I've ever played and I still use it on my wii to play gamecube games