Not Playing Rage is Not an Option

Ethan Moses wrote off Rage for too long and doesn't want you to make the same mistake.

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pyramid2380d ago

great fps shooter.I think its underrated.

soundslike2380d ago

seems like its got a lot going for it besides the length

if I want to get 6 hours of enjoyment out of something and feel shortchanged when its over, I'd start smoking weed again.

rogimusprime2380d ago

Did you actually play it? Unless you put it on very easy and didn't do any side missions, it would be hard to beat it in six hours. The only part id really needs to flesh out are ENDINGS. ***SPOILER*** with no real final boss and a 15 second FMV clip at the end, the game left much to be desired.

fei-hung2380d ago

Wasn't going to buy this game at first as I don't like RPG FPS games and this seemed to be somewhere in between the 2 from what I gathered on reviews, but then the local game shop had a sale on and were selling Rage Anarchy Edition brand new for £10 so I went ahead and bought it.

Looking forward to playing it once I have caught up with my backlog of games (Child of Eden and Dead Space 2).

Is it more like Borderlands, Bioshock or Doom 3 with the addition of vehicles and towns?

Play2Win2380d ago

Best FPS I've played. Never had any problems on my PC. Shooting feels so good. Graphics are amazing.

Trenta272377d ago

Are you sure you are playing Rage?

kevnb2375d ago

nvidia user im sure. Lesson, dont buy amd video cards.

wallis2380d ago

Rage was a severely limited offering IMO. They placed too much significance on achieving 60 fps. I appreciate the effort they put in to get it but it should never have been at the cost of close up textures. The gunplay was astounding but so severe was the disappointment with the narrative and game length that I still can't look back with a smile.

The end level was unforgiveable, the characters were boring (albeit their mannerisms and animations were awesome), and the plot was bland. Seriously take a God damn day out of the schedule and come up with ACTUAL names. The Authority and The Resistance are not names, they're concept place holders that you don't let make it past the editor!

Also "press 'start'" on a title screen is NOT acceptable on the PC. When ubisoft do it I laugh it off as ignorance because they don't know any better! They're just trying to make moolah by porting to the PC but it's a bit of a piss take coming from iD software. These guys don't 'know' PC they ARE PC.

Despite that though Rage still has the single best use of mocap I have EVER seen. That game's animations and AI were fucking amazing - it's just a shame the damn game finishes mid level and reads like a prologue to a fourteen year old's fallout fan fiction.

RatchetandClank2380d ago

Im glad I went with my gut because I really enjoyed RAGE.

MysticStrummer2379d ago

I'm glad I went with my gut because I really enjoyed Dark Souls, which released on the same day as RAGE.

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