All These Reboots… Where’s Act Raiser!?

Jeffery Demelo of WouldYouKindly: In a time when so many of the games I grew up on seem to be getting current-gen console love, it amazes me that we still have yet to see an Act Raiser reboot from Square-Enix. This 1990’s SNES ‘side-scrolling-action-platfor mer meets god-game with a splash of shmup’ not only holds up today; it begs the question, “Why haven’t we seen a next-gen attempt at this classic?” For more editorials, keep it to!

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specialguest2380d ago (Edited 2380d ago )

Where the hell is Act Raiser?!? This game is one of my top 10 games from that era. I had so many fond and cherished memories of gaming during those years.

Some people didn't like the RPG/Sim side of the game, but I loved it. The action part was a nice contrast and felt like a reward after completing the population building and defending process.

When Act Raiser 2 was release, it was sort of disappointing when they went all action.

Snookies122380d ago

Yeah, I didn't play too much of the game, but it was great back then... I'd love to see a current gen re-imagining of it! Assuming it's done right of course. XD

maniacmayhem2380d ago

Seriously, I was just thinking of this game and how excellent it was. One of the best games for the SNES.

With today's consoles this game would be fantastic. I can see the SIM part being something like From Dust and the action being something from God of War.

Actraiser 2 was very disappointing...damn shame...

Dubblewhopper2380d ago (Edited 2380d ago )

Hate to admit it, but I loved ActRaiser and its soundtrack. A SNES title worthy of a huge remake. Like Illusion of Gaia an awesome SNES title.

dboyman2380d ago

I loved Actraiser! It was one of my favorite SNES games, a classic game with classic gameplay and it also had an awesome soundtrack! I relish playing it even to this day! Sigh, good time! I will go with remake if done right...

Clarence2380d ago

Man what a great game. Classic. I would love a remake of this game.

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