2012: Bright Year for Playstation?

GR's Bryan Allbright writes:

As my title implies, will 2012 be a bright year for Playstation? Last year brought us many exclusives such as Uncharted 3, Killzone 3, and LittleBigPlanet 2 (plus many others) but so far, it looks like 2012 is only going to have a small portion of exclusives, such as The Last Guardian, The Last of Us, and maybe Final Fantasy Versus XIII (and a few others). While that doesn't seem very bright, you've got to remember Sony is amping up its release of the PSVita here in the U.S. next month. Certainly, that has to count for something.

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the last guardian and the last of us doesnt seem that bright?????

shouldnt they be more worried about 360 and the lack of exclusives two years running?

the author forgets to mention twisted metal out in feb...journey etc

where has quality journalism gone regarding gaming?

remanutd552349d ago (Edited 2349d ago )

where has quality journalism gone regarding gaming ? they have gone to sales analysts now , thats where the majority of them are now , forget about games now its the sales that get ratings

instead of this being the seventh generation of gaming , its the first gaming sales generation lol

buddymagoo2349d ago

I've lost interest in the gaming media now. I only check from time to time if new games have been announced. I used to be reading articles daily but have just lost interest.

Dread2349d ago

this is a article about Sony.

and besides the only people who worry about the alleged lack of exclusives for the 360 are the Sony fanboys who dont even play xbox.

most 360 fans are happy with the exclusives they have(obviously sony has had more the last year and a half, so i am not suggesting that xbox had more during that time) , all the exclusive and excellent arcade games, and the fantastic multiplatform games.

in fact 2011 has been the year where i have bought and played more games during my 25+ years playing videogames, 90% of them have been 360 games. So that alleged lack of exclusives has not affected me in the least.


Queefy_B2349d ago

Yea i can guarantee at least 8 ps3 exclusives will be released and not mentioning games like disgea 4 ect.. people might be very excited for those too, we cant just ignore a game cause its niche, and the 360... Halo 4? probably not this year.. i cant think of any xclusives coming for it unless your a kinect gamer....

Tenkay232349d ago

I facepalmed so hard this happened

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gigreen2349d ago

It's already looking good.

If Agent comes out this holiday season, it's gonna be blindingly bright.

Objective2349d ago

Gaming journalism at its worst. Pure hopeful speculation without facts to substantiate projection that it will be a bright year ahead. Purely on facts, we have the following : comparatively low on exclusives, history of low quality multiplatforms, low on casual market, low interest in Vita... I'd be worried.

HelghastDrake2349d ago

Beats the 360 this year.. Sheesh. Is the 360 dead? You would think so considering they have no exclusives this year.. Oh well not my problem.. Play beyond!

CoryHG2349d ago

Flamebait. Sony puts out 3x the exclusives that MS does last year, and it's not enough?

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