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Colwyn2353d ago

Vita sales to date should be over 500,000

GameTavern2353d ago

Aren't they just shy (Sony still hasn't sold out of the launch shipment of the console)

LNDCalling2353d ago (Edited 2353d ago )

There's going to be some lost in shops nobody goes too.. damaged box's at retailers or ones stolen by employees.. + 3G versions where peeps already bought WiFi... lets all just wait six months and see the figures then including global sales...

ME.. I'm gonna get one regardless but not till April when I will hopefully be feeling a bit flush!..

belal2353d ago

3ds sales down hard from last week.

Game3s2353d ago

240,819 - 197,952 does not equal to a negative number o.o

Biggest2353d ago

"3ds sales down hard from last week" does not equal a negative number either. The world does not operate in extremes. A thing can be less without being A NEGATIVE NUMBER!!!!!

Game3s2353d ago

Yes but you missing the point...........

LNDCalling2353d ago

@Biggest I think this is a translation thing see.. I think dear old @Game3s was saying basically that 197,952 is still quite a good number of sales! Or.. "it might of dropped off 42k but the 3DS is still doing great!" :D

ronin4life2353d ago

3ds sales rose. The bigger number is this week.

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ozstar2352d ago

I think the people missing the point are the ones agreeing with belal's statement.

Razongunz2353d ago (Edited 2353d ago )

omg i can't belive my own eyes the vita sold more than last week lol! horray :P..atleast it going up..for now xD keep rising in sales! 320,000 + 72,000 + 42,000 + 42,000 = ca. 470,000.. its not exact but its about the number sold so it should be 30k left of the first shippment..but then again..alot of those are 3Gs and..i'm pretty damn sure sony allready retocked by saying that the stock is the issiue for low sales shouldnt be the problem now..but hey its small numbers..but atleast its more than last week.

ronin4life2353d ago (Edited 2353d ago )

The launch day supplies can't be on their own here, it has been nearly a month. There have to have been further shipments.
Edit. Well, now I feel like an idiot. I Should have read your entire comment before I replied.
It seems we agree About the status of stock.
My bad...

Razongunz2353d ago

hehe no problem :P yeah the vita doesnt sell like hot cakes, but its not terrible ether.

the world allready got a handheld and its the beeing over 6 months late the vita does a pretty good job at catching up. lower sales than the 3ds doesnt mean its bad.

the vita will do good most likely..atleast i hope so :)

Slade2353d ago

The 3ds sales and the vita sales make me LOL for different reasons

one good

one not

LNDCalling2353d ago (Edited 2353d ago )

Your comment makes LOL for different reasons

ones had a global release

one has not

...lets wait and see shall we..

Slade2353d ago

these are japanese charts. Global has nothing to do with it

Hicken2353d ago

50 thousand a week is bad sales? Please explain that to me, cuz I don't get it.

ozstar2352d ago

Its bad right after Christmas. Its bad when 5 year old home consoles are beating a 5 week old brand new Handheld. Its bad when its the successor to a massive debut Sony handheld (PSP).

Its bad when theres no software in the Top 20. Its bad when the competitor is selling 6 times as many consoles.

knifefight2352d ago

In addition to what ozstar said, you're also marking up the number by about 15%. Calling it 50,000 yen it was 42,000 for each of the last 2 weeks is rounding up...proportionally, by quite a bit. >_>

For this point in the Vita's life, that's not a good number.

People are just disappointed because it's not meeting expectations is all. In the Vita's 4th week of recording sales, it sold 42,000. The PSP, by comparison, sold 111,194 in its 4th week, so ah...people are gonna compare. It's what we do ^_^

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