Bringing Down the Goons: How A Random Noob Destroyed EVE's Biggest Corporation

EVE Online is the home of scams and shady backroom deals of all kinds, and nobody knows this better than the now-defunct GoonSwarm, once the biggest corporation in the game. Yet in early 2010 the corporation imploded, shattering into fragmented groups, never to recover its power. Here is the story of how one random noob from South Australia lit the fuse on EVE's most famous collapse.

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kefkah2502d ago

Enjoyed this story - showing once again, the best ones are not written by devs or hired writers. It is the players themselves that really come up with things that Hollywood envys.

buckley2502d ago

EVE is such an awesome concept and a game world that I envy to be in. But I've never, EVER come across such a steep learning curve.

MariaHelFutura2502d ago (Edited 2502d ago )

What is EVE? And how does it relate to Dust514?

BaneWilliams2502d ago

You, Sir, Have obviously never played:

WWII Online


At least for me, these games have a steeper learning curve than EVE ever did.

buckley2501d ago

You're right, I have not played them, so I can't speak to that. I've certainly heard some crazy stories about the difficulty of ARMA

specialguest2502d ago

If only I had the time and resources to spend on a game like this.

sonicsidewinder2501d ago

This was such an epic tale.

I can imagine Mr Bane Williams, completing his task finally. Shutting down his computer.

Then with a wry smile, walk away from his rig to make a cup of tea.


CheexInk2501d ago

Is anyone else reading it the same way I am? His account is basically "I sent a message to their leader who was already pretty bored of the corp saying it'd be a lark if he disbanded their organization. Three months later he decided to disband the corp." and tries to spin it like he's some kind of diabolical mastermind. Eve has had way better stories than this.