PS3 is lead console platform for Hitman: Absolution

IncGamers: PC version being made separately with custom asset set.

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iamironman2353d ago

at least the pc version is being made with its own assets. more devs should take the time to do that.

MariaHelFutura2353d ago (Edited 2353d ago )

Thanks for not continuing w/ the childish comments (like the previous ones in this thread).

darthv722353d ago

that when you lead on the PS3 then both ps3 and 360 versions come out on par. When you lead with the 360, the PS3 version seems to suffer in some areas.

I think it had been proven by various devs that some of the hardware assets of the ps3 could be emulated on the 360 but not going the other direction.

If anyone has more information on this please enlighten me.

ninjahunter2352d ago

I know, its always nice to hear the PC is being made independent of the other platforms, If anything it guarentees that it will be optimized which i feel this has been a big year for.

BiggsnWedge2352d ago

yeah no kidding crysis 2 was a downgrade from crysis 1

hiredhelp2353d ago (Edited 2353d ago )

For PC, a custom asset set has been produced "because it’s capable of such a higher resolution."

Good to see lets hope they dont choose the port option.
these assets could just be graphical video settings,Witch is fine but i want proper dx 11 and driver support too.

Bathyj2353d ago

Thats great news for me, I'm really looking forward to Hitman.

Why is no one talking about this game, it looks fantastic.

Snookies122353d ago

Yeah man, it is going to be amazing! I've been waiting for a true Hitman this gen. Blood Money was awesome, don't get me wrong, it just wasn't exactly HD.

This is great news though, having ps3 as lead console when developing tends to make the game run better on both consoles. I assume because the ps3 is harder to develop for. Anyway, regardless of which system you get it for, it's Hitman and I'm happy it's back. XD

Hellsvacancy2353d ago (Edited 2353d ago )

It looks awesome it really does, ive wanted Hitman V longer than anyone one, when i joined N4G years ago i use to go on about how i "wanted" the next Hitman game, everyoneelse wanted Killzone 2 or summin like that

But since hearin that Jesper Kyd (music/atmosphere creater for the series) and David Bateson (voice actor for 47, IO even modeled Mr 47 around the actor) hav been dropped from Hitman 5 i favour a rental over buyin it day 1 (like i was originally)

Thats my rant over, you know, i dont mind too much when Hollywood, for example, would remake an awesome film and screw it up, im not the sorta mofo that would moan to much,* i dont care, the original is still there* but Hitman? come on, its like the one flawless series of games that ive enjoyed momemt after moment, game after game, its not broke, it dont need fixin, it just needs that next gen touch in graphics

Multiplayer doesnt help either, its not going to be done very well

Im hopin for a HD Collection of the originals anyway, if they do that?..................AWESOME !

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