Asura's Wrath Demo Interactive Video Comparison [720p/HDMI] | GameBlurb

GameBlurb writes, "Introducing GameBlurb’s vidSlider – a real-time slider based video comparison tool. Our first Versus to feature this new technology is the demo of Capcom’s Asura’s Wrath. Which will emerge victorious? Or will the battle end in a wash?"

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jaidek2383d ago

Man, this game looks just like the fighting events in the Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm titles. Those were a blast!

Overall pretty close, looks like the PS3 version has a bit more screen tearing and some missing shaders (slider #3). But all in all I hoped for better visuals from CyberConnect2, maybe they should stick to what they are good at - cell shading.

Also, is that Gaara's voice (english dub)?!

Der_Kommandant2383d ago

Naruto meets Dragon Ball meets Akuma

Bay2383d ago

Oh wow a vidslider, awesome.

Main thing I noticed was that the 360 version has detail that tends to "pop" a little more, but not by a huge margin. Something you probably won't notice when playing normally.