Humanizing a killer with Hitman: Absolution

This time around, Agent 47 isn't accepting contract kills -- he's on his own mission.This decision gives IO Interactive a unique opportunity not afforded to the developer before, lead producer Hakan Abrak said. "Agent 47 makes the call," Abrak said. "He decides what the next step is. The mission and the story was progressing through the contracts before, but in Absolution there are no contracts. He needs to figure out what the next steps are and that really gives us an interesting way of progressing story. Also it gives us an opportunity to get you guys closer to Agent 47."

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sonicsidewinder2349d ago

He seemed pretty humanised in hitman 2.

ThichQuangDuck2349d ago

I enjoyed his amount of humanism in hitman blood money or lack of. I just do not want set piece to set piece hitman game, I want unique locations and hits that can be done any way I choose because that what made hitman special. If people do not like hitman games then they do not have to play them.

sonicsidewinder2349d ago

...I can agree with that.