Final Fantasy XIII-2 Demo: Gameplay Video and 720p Screenshots

Check out a gameplay video and some direct feed screenshots from the Final Fantasy XIII-2 demo.

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Coltrane_C2381d ago

I know its a demo but already i can't stand it...Bring back the old Final Fantasy...FFX was the last great game

Ryo-Hazuki2381d ago

I disagree I think the demo of FF13-2 was good. Its definitely an improvement over 13 in terms of bigger areas to explore, capturing monsters, more content such as side quests, and the battle system is just fine. I do think the story will suck though.

belac092381d ago

i LOVED the demo, im soo excited now for the game, now i just wait.

shammgod2381d ago

Couldn't agree more...Kupooo!

BigDollarZoe9542381d ago

nice demo cant wait for the full game Kupo LOL

guitar_nerd_232381d ago

Just finished the demo. I can see they've tried to address concerns and I know that one section has no real context but it feels disjointed.

Not even sure if I'll rent it now...