Gamecock sorry about crashing Ken Levine's VGA speech

If you made it to the end of the Spike VGAs (and you weren't being paid to live blog it), Joystiq are not sure if they should be proud of you or pity you. You did, however, get to see one of the more interesting parts of the evening when Gamecock staffers (complete with red capes and combs) stormed the game of year award acceptance speech. It would have been funny, except the award was being accepted by the well-respected and liked Ken Levine for BioShock.

A day later, the company perhaps realized that it wasn't the smartest attention grab, and explained the situation to Joystiq.

(Warning! The Gamecock stage storming video below contains nudity.)

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Dlacy13g3903d ago

I was very disappointed to see them pull that crap and take away what should have been a glorious moment for all the developers of Bioshock. It was a cheap gimmick by Gamecock to get "free advertising" on VGA. Screw them.... I hope that company fails HARD.

PS360WII3903d ago

I all honesty it happened at Spike TV award show... I don't think anyone should care what happens at that venue.

Dlacy13g3903d ago (Edited 3903d ago )

But name one other awards show for the gaming industry that is going to be carried by a nationally broadcasted cable network? Yeah, you can't because the VGA's for now are it. And this was one of the few ...possibly only times... that those guys who did Bioshock will get a chance to stand in front of a Television camera and say thank you to the gaming world and be recognized in a VERY public way for their achievment.

So just because the show itself may not have all the glitz, glamour and tradition of an Oscar's, etc. It is STILL a special award and moment for any of these dev teams. And Gameclucks tarnished that moment....shame on them. I have no respect for a company that would resort to such cheap and thoughtless tactics.

PS360WII3903d ago

Very true it was a cheap shot to get their name out to the world. Would of been nice for Bioshock guy to get the time and speech time he deserved. The apology was a nice gesture but still one of those 'but I was drunk at the time' excuse that means nothing.

DRUDOG3903d ago

This will probably be one of those few times we'll all agree on something together. Gamecock is stupid and what they did was stupid and watching video games awards shows is stupid.

iNcRiMiNaTi3903d ago (Edited 3903d ago )

but ken's face near the end is priceless, i just had to laugh

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The story is too old to be commented.