Why Multiplayer In Mass Effect 3? BioWare Answers

MP1st - Casey Hudson, BioWare Executive Producer, answers the burning question among Mass Effect fans: “Why Multiplayer in Mass Effect 3?”

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AtomicGerbil2231d ago

Whilst the reasoning given behind the multiplayer inclusion is a one I can't disagree with, I still can't help thinking that EA pushed them into it.

dedicatedtogamers2231d ago

Yeah, the answer pretty much boils down to "EA made us do it". The same goes for their MMO Star Wars Old Republic. Bioware could have easily just made KotOR3, but EA had their eyes on Activision/Blizzard's MMO profits from WoW.

h311rais3r2231d ago

Yet the game is just as good as kotor. It's excellent and I'm having more fun than I ever did in kotor

Persistantthug2231d ago

TOR was Bioware's doing.

And to be honest.....until Somewhat recently, I've gotten the impression that if EA had a chance to do it all over again, they would have prefered not to do a Star Wars MMO. Why? Because EA can never really own that IP.

Not that EA is or was against it per se....but the whole idea behind the licensing and property rights of the franchise is counter intuitive with how EA is accustomed to doing things.....big financial risk with no full ownership.
It's actually more of a guess on my part...but that's the impression I've perceived.

But anyways.....TOR was always Bioware's doing.

RedDead2231d ago (Edited 2231d ago )

Hey, can we still explore planets in this? Or have a choice on where we go and when? It's not completely linear on earth or anything is it? Haven't been keeping up on the news.

Edit---after a quick google search, it ain't linear or anything, I wonder if we can land on random planets again and god I hope mining is gone.

Bleucrunch2231d ago

A multiplayer component in a RPG?? Sounds like another dumb idea...oh yea EA had this idea...EA doesn't know when to leave well enough then they will make you pay 10 bucks to go online...EA better not mess with the single player...I already feel sorry for Mass effect 3...sooo eager to play this game...smh can you say RENTING???

MrWonderful2231d ago (Edited 2231d ago )

Well in all fairness white knight chronicles has a multiplayer portion

Bleucrunch2231d ago

DAMMIT...I freaking LOOOOOVE White Knight...but in fairness to that game that was the premise from jump...EA is only putting it in as a means to make money the weird part is that it is in its third installment and they figure to do this now....I call B/S. Very Nice point by the way MrWonderful....White knight is veeeeeery Underated.

Mister_V2231d ago

The TPS mechanics look really good in ME3 (shooting, cover, rolls, melee attacks). Should translate well to MP. Definitely wasn't possible in ME1, maaaybe ME2.

Criminal2231d ago

I'm getting this game mainly for single-player, but I'll give the mp a shot.

Captain Qwark 92231d ago

same here, im iffy about it but as long as the game is still solid i dont care.

i would have prefered those mp resources be used to make a deeper sp and more rpg liek experience than two, but thats just me.

in the end im buying it either way

Criminal2231d ago

"i would have prefered those mp resources be used to make a deeper sp and more rpg liek experience than two, but thats just me."

I agree, games shouldn't add mp at expense of the single-player experience, but I think that's not what BioWare did.

"in the end im buying it either way"

Same here. March can't get here soon enough.

acemonkey2231d ago

didnt ME2 have MP? like verses mode? but co op should be op is fun in almost every game if u have a good partner

Criminal2231d ago

ME2 didn't have mp at all. I agree co-op can be really fun.

acemonkey2231d ago

sorry lol.....thought it did for some reason...but i never played and of the ME's lol

BillytheAlien2231d ago

"It’s also the thing that finally made sense with why we’d have multiplayer and why it’s interesting to be someone else other than Shepard"

But this is Shepeards trilogy, this is his story. Unless they are going to have him in more Mass Effect games then fair enough I understand this statement

"The more you do that, the easier it’s going to be for Shepard. The less of that you do, the less help you’re getting essentially.”"

This is what is ticking me off the most.

Why does this effect MY single player experience, why is it I have to do this to make it easier for me and effect the ending. It's kind of like forcing you to do it if you want to get the full experience at the end of the game. It's funny they'll probably come out and say loads of people are on the online mode....yeah only because they want to get a good ending.

So many wasted resources and money spent on the online side when it could of went to Bioware themselfs so they could of added more single player content and reply value. The more content the better.

I wish they would just come out and admit it's because they want more money. Hell ditching the RPG elements and making it into a full third person shooter has driven the game away from what the franchise could of been like, a unique differen't trilogy that's not all about over the top action and going into fights guns blazing (thanks weapon ammo) <sigh>. Wish they would of let you have the option to choose what weapon ammo type to use.

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