Diablo III: PS3, Xbox 360 exclusive fears on console

Product-Reviews writes: While it is fantastic news that Diablo 3 is headed to consoles, Blizzard has obviously remained silent on which platforms will be included. Will the PS3, Xbox 360 and possibly even the Nintendo Wii U all get a console version of Diablo III? One thing that we hope doesn’t happen is console exclusivity, as most of you will be aware that Blizzard Entertainment are a subsidiary of Activision, and it is fairly obvious which platform they prefer at the moment.

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tr00p3r2260d ago

Blizzard wouldn't dare..they are better than that.

MariaHelFutura2260d ago

Ok. If it's on more than one platform it is not exclusive.

MariaHelFutura2260d ago

Adjective:Excluding or not admitting other things.
Noun:An item or story published or broadcast by only one source.

MariaHelFutura2260d ago

The people that disagreed with the meaning of the word, should be ashamed of themselves.

hazardman2260d ago

But for console only gamers yes it would be an exclusive.

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Christopher2260d ago

I gotta say, knowing Blizzard, I think there's a big chance it may be 360 exclusive. Why? Because of the usual reason by companies who are doing their first HD console game, the 360's architecture is more similar to a PC.

I wouldn't be surprised if, when a console version is officially announced, it is announced for just the 360.

jaosobno2260d ago (Edited 2260d ago )

Then why was blizzard looking for a person with knowledge of PS3 architecture in a job ad?

Christopher2260d ago (Edited 2260d ago )

@jaosobno -- From the article that broke the news.

"Even though this looks an awful lot like an indicator of an upcoming PS3 version of Diablo 3, of course, the standard disclaimers still apply. It could end up being a research-related job and not anything that leads to a console port; it could merely be part of the company's ongoing "investigation." If any company has money to burn on projects that don't turn into retail games, it's Blizzard."

It should be noted that the listing also no longer exists.

dedicatedtogamers2260d ago

I'm not saying Diablo III will be on consoles, I'm not saying it won't be on consoles, but let's consider some facts.

- The first Diablo was on the PS1
- consoles and PCs are much closer in terms of hardware power than they were back in the Diablo 1 and 2 days
- Blizzard is now a part of Activision now. That is a big reason why it'll probably be put on consoles (more $$$)

Diablo III on consoles isn't far-fetched at all. I mean, we have games like Witcher 2 (never would have imagined that one on consoles) and even Crysis 1 and 2 (admittedly, chopped down compared to the PC versions) on consoles. Both of those franchises were ones that supposedly "would never ever ever go to consoles" according to PC gamers, yet here we are.

C_Menz2260d ago

They already confirmed Diablo 3 will be on consoles.

SkyGamer2260d ago

More like Activision is a part of Vivendi Universal that owns Blizzard. Even as big as Activision is, they are still small potatoes compared to the likes of Comcast and General Electric which owns NBC Universal which owns Vivendi Universal which owns Acti/Blizz.

KMCROC542260d ago

Thats fine & dandy but each division has someone in place to make decisions for that division so those further up are not bothered . so in essences it all up to Mr. B. Kotick.

Astargatis2260d ago (Edited 2260d ago )

And they wanted a PS3 specialist to make it exclusive to another console?I wouldn't bet on that...

cervantes992260d ago

Exactly. Blizzard had several job postings for PS3 developers/project leads.

So yeah, PS3 developers making an exclusive for Xbox 360. Whatever...

I voted this site down for just having no common sense.

KMCROC542260d ago

Maybe thier doing like the NFL with coaching jobs interviewing but really not giving them the job.

Simco8762260d ago

I couldn't even think of playing Diablo on console. Just get it for the PC.

KingME2260d ago

I think diablo would fit nicely on the consoles. Walk around with the analog sticks, and there are plenty of buttons for spells and different attacks.

As a matter of fact I think from a controlling prospective, it may actually feel better on a console. I think some people can so caught up in tradition and how things have always been that the are not very open to the possibilities of doing things a different way.

Slade2260d ago

Didnt the guy who announced it said it was a mistake and it isnt on consoles he only wishes it was?>

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