PixlBit's NFL Blitz Review

PixlBit | NFL Blitz is a franchise with an interesting history. Going from being an actual NFL-licensed property with a relatively deep strategic angle, to an unlicensed product that seemed like it was truly gunning for ESPN’s highly-supported television drama, “Playmakers,” Blitz: The League (as it was re-branded) attempted to take a more “realistic” approach to the concept of video game football. This “realism” included bone-shattering and skull-destroying injuries that could be inflicted upon players. Despite these changes, Blitz: The League found its way into my heart very quickly, eclipsing the merits of both its arcade and home console predecessors.

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TrendyGamers2327d ago

Exit to the home screen, go to help and options, select settings, select gameplay settings, and then turn on icon passing.

You may want to revisit the game with the icon passing on because it really does change the game for the better.