Gold Skylanders Spotted in Stores

It transpires that, in a similar fashion to the super limited edition Silver Skylanders (which reach up to $40 on Amazon because of their scarcity), a new series of gold figures have been winging their way to store shelves. Just like the silver toys, the novelty here is solely in their unusual appearance.

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Kennytaur2354d ago

Are they golden only in toy-form, or do the in-game character look different?

Zanzibar1062354d ago

They're only golden in the toy, they appear normal in the game. Somebody reported that the Gold ones start at Level 5, but I dunno if that's really true.

lizard812882354d ago

Great marketing idea. Make them different colors, but still nothing changes in the game, aside from them starting out at different levels.

paulgovan2353d ago

I think they are the same in the game.