Interview: Masaaki Tsuruta, Sony Computer Entertainment

Consumer technology giant Sony aims to give its next-generation gaming console an up to 10 year shelf-life, according to the CTO of its Computer Entertainment division, Maasaki Tsuruta, speaking exclusively to E&T.

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RedDead2234d ago (Edited 2234d ago )

After Nvidia do it then?

A bit weird to talk about it, obviously when the tech comes around the consoles will follow suit, as usual. Next gen SHOULD be 60FPS and 1080p standard. with a few games going beyond the standard like a few have this gen.

Colwyn2234d ago

Sony equals technological insanity. I wish Sony made hair brushes because I know they'd fit a toothbrush and a teli to it. Imagine a world you can brush your hair,brush your teeth and chatting on the phone while watching tom and jerry but youre on a plane. Gloriousity I say, Sony should make it

ABizzel12234d ago

While this sounds absolutely mind-blowing it also sounds like another $600+ console :(

If the games are there at launch then I'm down for it, but if it takes 1+ year like all other console last gen then I'll wait.

8k 300fps seems farfetched right now, and I fell the PS4 is coming out holiday 2013. Also 4k HDTV's aren't even in mass production yet, and 3D TV's seems to finally be gaining a little bit of ground (for better or worse).

So I'm expecting 4k 120fps to be a safer option. The highest this gen was 1080p 120fps, but that was Super Stardust 3D. But as far as full retail releases go then 1080p 60fps so next gen should be able to at least double that.

It's nice to think big.

ABizzel12234d ago (Edited 2234d ago )

duplicate post

dark-hollow2234d ago

8k and 300fps is impossible in these days!
Maybe ps5 or ps6 but no way the next console could support this.

Solid_Snake372234d ago

Holy sh*t this is overkill.... Cant wait to some more info though

hakis862234d ago (Edited 2234d ago )

Way too high expectations I'm afraid, ABizzel1.

Even today's high end PC's will struggle with 4K resolution at 60FPS if games are maxed out.

IF the PS4 comes within 1-2 years, I think a much more realistic ecpectation is:
4K Video output/decoding(Blu-ray?)
1080p / maybe 4k 3D video outout (Blu ray)
EDIT: video support that might match what James Cameron / Peter JAckson is doing? (4K/5K at 48 or 60FPS)

GAMES: 1080p standard, locked at 60FPS at least, stereoscopic 3D games 1080p/30FPS at least.

Maybe 120fps for some games, so they can be stereoscopic 60FPS?
Takes a lot of horsepower though...

kneon2234d ago (Edited 2234d ago )

We'll be needing an update to the HDMI spec as I think the max frame rate at 4K resolutions is 24. And there is no support for 8K at all.

Just did a little poking around and the HDMI TWG is supposed to announce something about HDMI 2.0 at CES and release the final spec mid 2012. So it seems the pieces are all falling into place for next gen consoles next year if Sony and Microsoft choose to launch then.

sikbeta2234d ago (Edited 2234d ago )

Awesome and all, sounds like some really expensive s***, crazy nonetheless :P

No FanS Land2234d ago

Seriously, this is nuts! I want, high resolution and high polygon count, but I don't think 60fps is a necessity. In fact i don't really like it much. It has an unnatural feeling to it. Some games perform well at 60fps, but others seem to do pretty well at 30. As long as framerate is stable, it shouldn't be a problem. I remember when there were rumors that the Ps3 would be able to perform at 120fps.

Grip2234d ago

who the hell want 300FPS???? ur eyes only sees 60FPS

inveni02234d ago

I think you're all missing the point here...

Let's say a console has the processing power for 8k resolution and 300fps. Now, let's say you have a cable with the bandwidth for that. Now, let's say you have a 1080p TV. What does this mean? Well, it means that you could have full-screen, 1080p, 4-player multi-player sessions. Instead of split-screen and resolution compromises for delivering this kind of experience, everyone would get the SAME experience.

Let's face it, gaming is going social, and having a console that can do this would be pretty cool...even for the cheesiest of games.

For instance, imagine a 3D motion bowling game. Four people could play at a time. They could all have a 3D view of the TV with head-tracking (LEDs on the glasses), and there would be no loss in fidelity.

I'd much rather have an experience like that than a single game running at resolutions and frame rates my eyes can't even keep up with.

blackmagic2234d ago

Still waiting for the Toy Story graphics they promised in the ps2 days! And the uncharted series running [email protected] isn't exactly the dual [email protected] they promised is it? Sony doesn't have any credibility when it comes to these "promises".

Guwapo772234d ago (Edited 2234d ago )

I believe that is realistic vision.

The only thing that scares me is what medium will it use.

PS1 - CD
PS3 - Blu-Ray
PS4 - ? I hope it's still BR Disks but their track record doesn't support this.

Could it be BR 2.0 that supports 4k native(movies not games)?

Blah, when will someone leak the specs on both the PS4 and XBoX.

d0nni32234d ago


Your eyes arn't restricted to a "FPS" the main thing when it comes to FPS is consistency a game running at 60fps can really hurt the eyes and brain if it has a slow down it's all relative.

These specs do seem like overkill but the thing i got from the artical is the fact they want to produce hardware than when the tech is there and widely available the hardware can take care of it.

how much of what he said is actually going to turn out to be true is another thing i don't think these kind of performances are going to come into fruition

RememberThe3572234d ago (Edited 2234d ago )

@Blackmagic: Learn to read. These are not promises, these are stated ambitions. This is what they WANT to achieve, he never says that this is what they WILL achieve. They are restricted by cost and technology and make it virtually impossible for them to achieve these numbers next gen.

The thing that threw me off was that the next PlayStation wont be called the "PlayStation 4". Whaaaa?!

Virtual_Reality2233d ago

''also sounds like another $600+ console''

PS3 was very expensive because of the Blu ray drive, in that time, a Blu ray alone was $800 in 2006. Now it cost $200.

Sony will keep the Blu ray on PS4 with better reading data and is more cheaper compared to 2006.

I think PS4 won't cost more than $500.

scoobysnacks2233d ago

@ blackmagic


LAS VEGAS, Nevada -- The 2001 Consumer Electronics Show (CES)

5th paragraph down.

Gates said the 3-D chips in the Xbox would be three times faster than anything on the market and offer nearly unlimited graphical visuals. “We’re approaching the level of detail seen in Toy Story 2,” he said, referring to the computer-generated kids film from Disney/Pixar.


2nd paragraph down.

Kutaragi also talked about the PS3’s capability to run games at 120 frames per second,” suggests the same article. However, this is slightly more contentious. An interesting post on the forum, complete with PowerPoint slides from Kutaragi’s presentation, suggests that the 120fps comments were limited to the Cell technology’s video/movie performance on forthcoming high definition TVs and didn’t directly refer to games.

So, a comment by Ken Kutaragi that was taken out of context and a comment from Bill Gates relating to the original Xbox. The internet, a great source for those willing to hunt out the truth, but an even better place to pass misinformation and lies. Repeat these lies enough times over the years and gullible individuals will accept these lies as the truth.

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Bordel_19002234d ago

Couldn't agree more RDD, 1080p and 60fps is more than enough on consoles. Consentrate on gameplay.

fei-hung2234d ago

You forgot the bit where it says, "Yes, they’re planning to go beyond 4k to 8k but this isn’t going to happen any time soon, so expecting all this on the PS4 isn’t logical".

I have a feeling the PS4 will support 1080p at 60fps, but it will also allow a 4k projector to be plugged in which upscales to be plugged in for those who are super rich (the 4k projectors cost around £25,000 i think).

zero_cool2233d ago

Science is unique in that its methods demand not only that the ideas proposed be tested ... but everything science comes up with is also inherently falsifiable. In other words, unlike religion and politics, science has no ego, and everything it suggests accepts the possibility of being proven wrong eventually.

SilentNegotiator2234d ago (Edited 2234d ago )

"Next gen SHOULD be 60FPS and 1080p standard"

But the one with the lowest will probably still be the most successful. Price has always been a major factor in success of a console.

So long as the games play presentably, I just want lots of games.

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Karooo2234d ago

He isn't talking about the PS4 though, just the general future playstation technology.

Detoxx2234d ago

The PS4 is future Playstation technology ;)

OdinX2234d ago (Edited 2234d ago )

True, but they ain't stupid as well; SONY knows this tech isn't anywhere near available to be used on the PS4, not when SONY already lost so much on PS3 production. I expect to see this maybe in the next console cycle, if not, no more than 20 years from now, but the thought of something like this is truly insane. One can only imagine how far will the resolution go before we reach actual virtual reality.

xer02234d ago

Excellent article with really good insight.

Who would have thought that they'd be packing the next processor in 3D. The idea of 4/8K resolutions is just crazy... but I found the haptics R&D even more exciting than the graphics.

PS4 or whatever it is called, couldn't come sooner. It's looking awesome!

andibandit2233d ago


Jumping the gun abit early arent we?
From what i read, i could not draw a clear line that those features would be in the next PS4.

miyamoto2234d ago

After seeing CES 2012 8K and 300 fps can come sooner than we think. Back in 2009, I felt 2012 will be the year ultra thin, hand carry OLED TV will be available for consumers and guess what, I was right. I can carry a TV Set to any country tax free! That was really unimaginable during the 1990's.

tigertron2234d ago

They need Krazy Ken, he'll make sure the PS4 has 8k and 300fps!

but on a serious note, his ambitions are what drove the Playstation brand forward and I can't wait to see what the PS4 can do, even if it is 1080p and 60fps standard. Although it would be great if Ken was in charge of the PS4's development.

Half-Mafia2234d ago

What is Ken Kutaragi even doing now?

I think the PS4/720 will start off with 1080p and 60fps but over the consoles life cycle developers will bring it back down to 720p so they can push more higher res textures, 4x or 8x AA and more information on screen at once.

Sevir2234d ago

But power will be on the bleeding edge of mind blowing! They've always been the type to support and utilize future technology. I think this time around they want a faster turn around time... Currently, the PS3 supports 4k viewing in picture stills. The Japanese ps store had an app installed in it since September last year so saying the PS3 can't handle it is a bit far fetched in general usage.

I'm gonna go out on a whim but i believe Sony in 2014 they will launch the PS4, with support for up to 4k hell maybe even 5k. At the very least will have stereoscopic 3d a more attainable and less taxing processing feature at 60 - 120 fps. I'm gonna say that 1080p at 240fps will be standard for most games but the sweet spot will be 1080p at 60, or 720p at 120fps for mindblowing. If they support 4k at 300fps, I reckon ND and GG, will go after it and make the console sing... I also believe Sony will allow the PS4 to be middleware friendly, UE4 and the next iteration of cryengine will be tailored well to its highs and lows and finally I believe the consoles life cycle may extend past 10 years to maybe 15 year.

They are going big but knowing Sony they will have surely made the right choices. And judging by the vita they seem to have done just that!

Half-Mafia2234d ago

@Sevir You know what kind of internals the PS4 would need to play games at 1080p at 240fps. I have a gaming PC with 2 HD 6970s. I run my games at 2560x1440 and for BF3 i get 50-60fps. I'll probably get 80fps running at 1080p.

So if i wanted to run BF3 at 1080p with 240fps i would need maybe 4 HD 6970s, that would be £1200 on graphics cards alone.

To run BF3 at 4k you would probably get 10-20fps.

Not Going To Happen.

AtomicGerbil2234d ago

Is 300FPS really necessary?

SJPFTW2234d ago

60 fps runs flawless, wont see a difference between 300fps and 60fps. Just more strain on the hardware

kevnb2234d ago

well you will see some difference, but you also arent going to have 300 fps on a console.

XboxInnovation2234d ago

The difference is when you have something running at such a high framerate as 300, when it dips you don't notice it. With 60 frames per second that is the beginning of purely smooth frames, so anything below it you notice it, and almost all games at 60 frames today on console go below it in areas with a lot going on.

sikbeta2234d ago

120FPS is way more than enough when you consider that the Average Joes cant see the difference between 60FPS vs 120FPS

SJPFTW2234d ago

dips in fps is not an fps issue but a hardware and software optimization issue. If you can create an engine that goes up to 300 fps then i think you have the resources to make a game that is locked at 60fps or 120fps with not dips. please you all can get some rest, you need it

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OdinX2234d ago

Hell tbh I can't really tell the difference between 30 and 60 fps, but that's besides the point. The human eye actual see see at 15-22 fps each, and then the brain outputs it to what we consider "higher" fps.