Vita: Painfully Priced or Perfectly Paced?

Vita is an expensive hobby. We’ve all worked that out by now. It’s a great handheld, with some great ideas and some great looking games, but dagnabbit, are you going to have to pay for it.

It would seem Sony simply haven’t learned their lesson from the Playstation 3 launch and are setting themselves up for another disaster.

Then again, perhaps they’ve learned that lesson all too well, and they’re simply preparing us for the worst..

So, we have two Playstation Vita models. The Wi-Fi model at £229 and the Wi-Fi/3G model at £279. Many seem settled on the cheaper, Wi-Fi version, but there are those curious about what the 3G actually offers. After some investigating, I dug up the specs. See for yourself if it’s worth the extra £50.

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Colwyn2353d ago (Edited 2353d ago )

The vita is amazingly priced. Everyone and their corner shoppe deli clerks shoe shiner thought that the vita would cost 50% more than the announced price so anyone crying foul needs a red card to sit down. The vita is the best handheld device I've ever seen and its truly like magic using one. The vita is the saviour of video games because it can do everything all video game consoles can do today but its portable. the vita only needs a lot of games to appeal to all types of gamers and because of the launch and confirmed games I know the vita will be very successful.casual and hardcore When you hold a vita for the first time as a gamer and a techie, you should curtsey.

christheredhead2353d ago (Edited 2353d ago )

The vita is the savior of gaming? Don't you think you're exaggerating a bit? The drawback to vita is also its main selling point, the fact that its portable. Handhelds offer great experiences, but I dont see a handheld taking over as the "savior of gaming." It will, more or less, be just another handheld with great graphics as a factor. I dont mean that in a bad way either though. Im waiting to see more games in action.

I personally think its a bit pricey. Hopefully the price will drop soon after release, akin to 3ds. The handheld, plus games and a memory card is way to steep for a portable device. It will cost more than I payed for my ps3, which seems backwards to me for a lesser experience.

Titanz2352d ago

Can you imagine if the Wii U was priced the same, as it too?

shoddy2352d ago

Sony product usually expensive cause of the high tech upon release.

Compare the spec and price of the 3ds and vita and yall see.

Same with xbox and ps3.

2352d ago
tubers2350d ago (Edited 2350d ago )

"the vita only needs a lot of games to appeal to all types of gamers"

Needs MOAR time for the demanding price and hidden costs.

Bah! Im taking my sweet time for the VITA (price drop and discounted games).

It's not like I'll be missing any amazing MP games where a few months from the game release has almost no userbase..

I have the PS3 for that too.

Only time will truly tell if the VITA is worth 270 dollars minimum for MOST people. (kiddie kids kids to XXX Adults).

Everyone clamoring about how good the hardware is.. bah.. Where's the Software side of things? Why a weak browser? And also some Apps? I thought Sony was targeting Smartphone and Tablet users?

For the asking price it WILL NOT do great unless its other features work well. Single purpose devices are doomed. The PS3's doing pretty great not only as a game console but as a decent BR/Netflix player.

Dear Sony.. Please don't target the smallest niche in the market again! I want you to have plenty of user base and dev support!

Please succeed (optimize the browser please!?)

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resistance1002353d ago

Sure everyone would rather it was cheaper. Who wouldn't, but i personally find the price fine but i can see why it is high for some of the market.

Razongunz2352d ago

perfectly priced system 250 dollars for that piece is pretty darn good.

painfully priced would be the memory cards i guess, they don't bother me the vita memory cards arent that expensive..sure they are more expensive than normal SD card but i don't care. I can totally accept the current price its not like the iphone you know..i'm cool with it.
a price drop would just be a nice welcomed bonus.

keep in mind that sony is selling the system at a loss so they have to get their money i'm ok with what they have decided.

BX812352d ago

I disagree. I feel more comfortable with the PSV's lower end model at $200 or $225. I will how ever pre order it because it looks great and has a better release line up than the 3ds did. Plus i need something to do while I'm taking a crap.

knifefight2352d ago

Brought to you by the letter P.

disturbing_flame2352d ago

The price of the Vita is pretty fair. An Iphone4S would be 600$ and everyone seems to accept this price, so 250$ for a more powerful device seems pretty good to me.

BX812352d ago

Mindless drones or people who can afford it seem to accept the price ;)

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