Sony CEO: PlayStation Home for April 1st 2008?

To this end he is also being reported as stating that the network overhaul will be open to third-party developers and will launch on April 1st 2008. Now, back at the Tokyo Game Show in September we reported the keynote speech of Sony Computer Entertainment president Kaz Hirai, during which he stated that the company was aiming for a Spring 2008 launch for PlayStation Home.

April 1st is Spring 2008 as far as we're concerned. Stringer is, as we said, rather upbeat about the PS3's online future not only stating that it will enable the PS3 to connect with other devices such as mobile phones, but also that network "puts us in the direct line of Apple and Microsoft".

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Fighter3936d ago

I hope a BETA is released a little earlier than the official release because April is 4 1/2 months away.

vloeistof3936d ago (Edited 3936d ago )

27 days before my b-day lol

how can i get a disagree

Panthers3936d ago

Because you dont know your own birthday. DUH.

AllroundGamer3936d ago

April the 1st yeah sure :D fooled you!

Slayer OP3936d ago

lol i forgot about that. That would be irony if it released then.

TheMART3936d ago

Aprils Fools

And Home is delayed already so often. I guess it'll get it's final beta in 2010 on the PS3 and the launch on the PS4 in 2012

Slayer OP3936d ago (Edited 3936d ago )

Seriously man. Tell me how you can keep bubbles and troll at the same time?


gtgcoolkid3936d ago

I swear he hasn't dipped below 5 once and he is the biggest troll on this site. Come on Mart, tell us how you do it. Multiple accounts, buddies, etc.

HarryEtTubMan3936d ago

Shut up man your console is a piece of shat...stop being jealous WE DON'T CARE ABOUT THE SHATTY JUNKBOX 180... It will be outsold by the PS3... this is only the end of year one for the PS3. 9 more to go.

TUFFnNYC3936d ago

And i bet your arse you will want to get in on HOME when it is released. Now, if your an Xbot, why are you in the PS3 section trolling. What happened, your girl aint home to worship you? Please kid get a life. Its embarrasing.

TheMART3936d ago

"And i bet your arse you will want to get in on HOME when it is released."

Uh nope. I don't want to do a girly [email protected] dance with a character in a Second Life/Sims ripoff, thanks.

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The story is too old to be commented.