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NowGamer: "A glance at the PS Vita’s specifications and software line-up will have most tech and game heads salivating at the prospect of playing handheld games PS Vita-style: a quad-core processor, an OLED screen, super-quick graphics, all the controls you could wish for… and games like Uncharted, WipEout, FIFA and Call Of Duty either out at launch or coming soon..."

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NukaCola2352d ago (Edited 2352d ago )

Wow, this is the harshest report on the Vita yet. Way to keep up your reputation NowGamer. The biggest load of BS here was calling all iOS/Droid and even Microsoft UI's sexy and then bashing the Vita's. Other than the camera it's nearly flawless and I really think putting a JP model and labling it EU (lying) and tlaking about it like this is such a pile of crap. No integration of social networking? It's not fully launched yet you idiots. Facebook and Twitter isn't launched yet. It's like calling the 360 a fail for not having Bluray or the iOS a fail cause it has no buttons.

EIDT: fastres
really? I didn't see that. All I saw was bashing. It's hard to really get insight when you are just comparing something to another and the product you are reviewing is by a company your website despises. Also the system isn't ready for EU or US release yet. They are complaining about things the device doesnt' support yet.

fastrez2352d ago

Harshest? What are you on about?

Plenty of positives in there :/

LORD-PHOENIX2352d ago (Edited 2352d ago )

They state ios is more competent than android .....yet ios cannot bluetooth to other phones,widgets,no micro sd card support or play flash

And the biggest gaffe nowgamer have made which proves they have done this for hits is when they mention.....'vitas biggest downfall is its os is too fiddly as you cannot just drag and drop' YET the software they claim is best is also fiddly maybe even more so as with ios everything is done through itunes even movies have to be converted on itunes before you can transfer to an iphone

Nowgamer is a garbage site and they have proven their agenda against anything sony with this gaffe prone review

skyward2352d ago

Lots of UK sites have EU models now...

lelo2play2352d ago (Edited 2352d ago )

I haven't played with the Vita, so I don't know if i agree with the review or not, but...

Why is it that when a site says something negative about Sony products, that site is always crap or full of BS ?

Why is it that only sites that praise Sony's products are fantastic and outstanding ?

fastrez2352d ago

Good insight into the hardware, day one purchase for me still.

THC CELL2352d ago (Edited 2352d ago )

Bash bash BASH Black listed

Ps vita is a gaming device not a pc
i have used it for 2 weeks now and i get no problems what they state. yes its a little learning curve but that's it

The fast browser test they just did
is due to there connection.. not the vita
And i am not saying the browser is perfect too.

These modern day gamers are really making me sick.. back in the days when everything was not connected like the ps2 or what not nobody said nothing at all about the apps the ui or anything bad like they do today why cause we was gamers not idiots looking for hits

Now gamer and IGN are becoming worst than gamespot.

Well I am saving up for my second vita for the wife
Yes she is mad for my vita
if i get lbp vita for her i will not see her for about a few weeks hehehe

dark-hollow2352d ago (Edited 2352d ago )

Why you sony fans cant handle criticism??
Its like any site that even hints about anything negative towards sony is one of the global sony hate club!

You talk about bias in scores for games like resistance 3 but turn a blind eye for all the praise and gotys mgs4, uncharted 2, little big planet, god of war 3 got!

No seriously. Ive seen alan wake scores after the hype, the 3ds weak launch and a lot of negative news but nobody reacts like you do with negative sony news.

Am with you that there are some trolling site who looks for hits, but the majority of time it just a different opinion than your!

Nowgamers adressed the pros and the cons (in their opinion) about the vita in a proffesional matter while you went down the insults route.

SonyNGP2352d ago (Edited 2352d ago )

"The fast browser test they just did
is due to there connection.. not the vita"

Check out Blunty's video regarding the browser. It's pretty slow:

Feckles2352d ago

How long before Sony starts bringing out apps like Google maps? It'll have to be compared to the iPad then.

LightofDarkness2352d ago

That's a pretty fair and honest review, I'm still getting mine for the games. But that's exactly what they're saying in this review: buy it for the games, not the multimedia experience; and it's clearly superior to the 3DS in every conceivable way (lack of 3D notwithstanding).

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