Ken Levine: If you need cutscenes to tell a story, then your story needs changing.

Telling a story in a video game can be tough.

Many developers get around this with the use of cutscenes, but according to Bioshock: Infinite creator Ken Levine, if you need one to push the narrative of your game forward, then maybe you shouldn’t be telling the story at all.

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waltyftm2349d ago

I believe Kojima would say otherwise.

Snookies122349d ago

I was about to kind of agree with what this guy said, but then you reminded me of Kojima-san. Lol!

CKsquid2349d ago

Bubble + for making me laugh :')

dedicatedtogamers2349d ago

This isn't true for all games. And besides, Mr. Levine, Bioshock wasn't exactly free of cutscenes. Okay, we watched the cutscenes in first-person, but they were still cutscenes. The only decent story-driven game series that comes to mind that is cutscene-free is the Half Life series.

PhantomT14122349d ago

The title is misleading, it's not exactly what he said. He rather says: there are many ways in a video game to tell a story, and if you struggle to tell it with any of these then you should probably change it.

Ace_Man_62349d ago

Kev Levine is my hero :)