The Giants Of Skyrim

What really struck me about the Giant wolf encounter though is that most of the times in NPC behavior, if you had a Giant protecting a Mammoth like this it would ignore the Mammoth after it died. But this Giant in Skyrim, once it finished pummeling the wolves put its club on its shoulder and walked over to the Mammoth I had found and simply looked down at it. This Giant had a memory, it knew it had purpose in the game world and it knew it had failed. This gave me a weird feeling about the gameworld, an NPC character had just displayed a sense of loss to me without saying a single word and on top of that its one of the most fearsome characters.

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Mr PS32323d ago

Giants are funny in the game
I've been clubbed and killed instantly by a few of them
So all i do now is give em frost breath then get a few hits in while they are frozen and then run off and let them chase me lead them to a mountin cliff and the fus rah do them of the top
Bye bye you Dumm Giant

Emilio_Estevez2323d ago

Hmmmmmm. Interesting conclusion, I may have to test this out.

Kal8532323d ago (Edited 2323d ago )

I know a great recipe for a stew with Giants toes and gold Septims. It's to die for!

caperjim2323d ago

Skyrim is awesome. Period.