Strategy Informer's Game of the Year 2011

From "I know, I know, we’re a little late… some of us had a little bit too much eggnog. Still, here we are at last – Strategy Informer’s Official Game of the Year Editorial. Queue applause, fireworks, and breaking out the bubbly. 2011 has been an interesting year in gaming, giving us gems like L.A. Noire and Portal 2, blockbuster sequels in Uncharted 3, The Witcher 2 and Skyrim, and of course the great FPS war between Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3 came to its final conclusion".

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bunfighterii2198d ago

Awesome game. I feel kinda ashamed I had to play it on an iMac (although with a decent graphics card and 12gb of RAM it runs everything on high ultra smoothly), but this one game is making me seriously think of getting back into PC gaming.

Kahvipannu2197d ago

I highly suggest getting Medieval 2 + Kingdoms, it has some insane mods for it, like Third age TW (LOTR) and Call of WArhammer (WH), and loads of more for every taste.

Shogun is amazing, as is Empire, but the fact they are pain in the ass to mod makes them inferior to M2 and it's numerous top quality mods.

bunfighterii2197d ago

I had Medieval back when it released, and was totally obsessed. I've been a Total war fan since the first Shogun arrived in 2000 when I was like 12 or 13.

I had them all up until Medieval II, then I turned to PS3 and console gaming and hadn't looked back until Shogun 2. I bought it because I'm a total Samurai history geek- which I was inspired to be by the first Shogun game. Who says games dont educate our kids!

Kahvipannu2197d ago

Yeah, for example TW-games and most Paradox games are really educating, and lots of epicness..^^