Fighting Games? [email protected]&* Off!

Capcom resurrected the Fighting genre with Street Fighter IV.'s opinionated Moose wishes they hadn't.

Here's why.

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Stuart57562381d ago

There was a beat-em-up (remember that term) on the N64, two minutes I'll try to find it on google...

Ten minutes later. 'Fighters Destiny' it was, never been bothered about fighting games since. It was cool!

WobblyOnion2381d ago

That's a crock of horse manure.

Just because you don't have the patience or time to put the necessary work in to enjoy and explore fighting games' deep systems, doesn't mean they're redundant.

MariaHelFutura2381d ago

Fighting games haven't really evolved in the last 15 years. If you feel they have, enlighten me.

D3mons0ul2381d ago

How much can they really evolve? A fighting game is a pretty simple concept, there isn't a universe of possibilities with kicking someone's ass or 1v2/1v3/2v2/2v4/4v4 type matches.

Tanir2381d ago

MariaHelFutura that was a freakin stupid comment to say.

how much has real life fighting evolved then?

fighting is about different martial art styles vs other types. it can be weapon based or hand to hand, other games throw in fantasy elements but what else can you change? Besides if your not in the fighting game community how will you know the difference?

Arcana hearts features Spirits that change the fuse with the fighting styles of different characters, different combinations play differently, Soul calibur is the deepest weapon based fighter out with an amazing character creation feature, Games like Dead or alive throw in interactive enviorments that add danger beyond just the fight, destroying the enviorment while you fight and dodging on coming cars while fighting in the streets.

other games feature Super attacks, better animations, more moves, etc.

eventually all games will not go much further, Shooters boomed within the last 5 years and has struggled to evolve much either, after shooting gets dumped into the few remaining genres like madden, tetris, barbie (yes it will happen eventually lmao) then shooters will stop feeling differentt......which to me all shooters feel the same....its either halo style, COD style or in the middle (KZ style)

MariaHelFutura2381d ago

Well, that was a poor explaination and what I said wasn't stupid. Compare the fighting genre w/ any other genre in gaming (rpgs, fps's, rts's, platformers) and it's clear it's has not evolved at all. D3mons0ul has a point, Tanir is just ignorant.

Darranged2381d ago

You know what? I've had some of the best gaming sessions with my friends with fighting games.

Sure, it eventually devolved into dick-punching distractions to win a round, but still, it's one of the reasons that I love the fighting genre, because nothing builds a friendship better than beating your friend mercilessly into a digital bloody pulp.

garos822381d ago

well said and may i add that fighting games was the genre that propelled gaming to the masses with street fighter 2 arcade cabinet propelling gaming to the masses.

fighting games are usually extremely deep and require something that most games dont these days:PRACTICE

this author probably just jumped into a fighting game expecting to win and got his ass handed to him

Umbrella Corp2381d ago

yeah learn a combo instead of glitches in COD.

Optical_Matrix2381d ago

Terrible article. And immaturely written might I add.

kma2k2381d ago

regardless of the story, my love affair with fighting games burned out around the time i started playing my ps1, i loved fighting games in the snes day but i dont know why but you couldnt pay me to play them now a days!

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