Robert Bowling reveals that only a very small percentage took advantage of the prestige token glitch

DSOGaming writes: "The prestige token glitch is one of the worst glitches ever in Modern Warfare 3. It was this glitch that led Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games to ban some users for taking advantage of it. Given its publicity, we'd expect to see a huge number from players exploiting this glitch, but Robert Bowling has just revealed that the actual percentage of the gamers who were caught exploiting it, is only 0.1%, which means that 99.9% of MW3 players are playing it fair and square."

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webbsod2293d ago

which means that 99.9% of MW3 players are playing it fair and square
lol righttt and the easter bunny is real. bunnies do lay eggs and they are already cooked and everything.

princejb1342293d ago

thanks activision for been dumasses
instead of banning them why dont you work hard and fix the glitches
its your fault

BillytheAlien2293d ago

It's funny every time Robert Bowling opens his mouth all that ever seems to come out is complete BS.

PiccoloGR2293d ago

Typical for Bowling... I guess

Emilio_Estevez2293d ago

Really? Only a very small percentage decided to cheat when only a very small percent knew it existed, that's so weird. /s

LAWSON722293d ago

Well I don't care about being banned but why ban ppl for a glitch it ain't like its there fault. Instead of banning people fix your glitch and never let it happen again. Because let's say there is a simple way to get free money are u really to stupid to pass the oppurtunity.