Xbox 360 Scoops Innovation Accolade

SPOnG: "It's true! Microsoft's Xbox 360, after nearly seven years on sale, has been recognised as a true innovation. The console manufacturer was awarded 'TV Innovator of the Year' during the Consumer Electronics Show this week, for its recent Dashboard update and On Demand video services."

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DragonKnight2233d ago

*Insert lame 360 troll comment here* I actually expected the xbox 360 to be the first to try something like that. The media portrays North American life to be tv centric, far be it from a multi-billion dollar company to not capitalize on that in some way right?

Half-Mafia2233d ago

I'll just copy what i said in another article. Seems to fit better here.

I see the Xbox start to become the best selling console. But thats not because of the game side of the 360, its cause of Kinect buzz for mums and kids and all this TV services. Which appeal to a wider/main stream audience then us gamers. Oh and this is mainly going to be in the US market cause thats where MS put 90% of its effect/money.

This is why my RROD 360 is not going to get repaired and I wont be buying a new one. This also will be the same reason I wont be getting the next xbox. I buy a gaming console for GAMES FFS. Not all this non-gaming direction MS has moved the 360 to.

BrutallyBlunt2233d ago

And there is nothing wrong that. People can and will support what they want. The problem I see, especially here on N4G is a very narrow-minded point of view. That is those who actually frown upon others who do support the XBOX 360. Stop worrying about others who may enjoy Kinect or who may not want a Playstation 3.

There is enough choices out there for everyone. If you don't like the direction Microsoft is taking then move on, simple as that. Why continue to troll topics if you're interest isn't there?

It's not like the XBOX 360 just came out. It's going on 7 years so anyone who's been on board from the begging has had many years. They could have easily dropped the system after 4 years like the original. Instead they are using Kinect to help keep the existing system alive. Besides, we have PLENTY of games for everyone. Skryrim, Gears, Dark Souls and dozens and dozens of games. Millions of consumers don't care if they are on another system' they are still ge
Rest games.

Too many on forums are never satisfied.

EVILDEAD3602232d ago

Very Well Said LevelHead..

Wish there were way more real comments like this on N4G..



mcgrottys2232d ago (Edited 2232d ago )

RROD? nobody I know has gotten that since 2008...