Game Sequels: Evolutions Vs Revolutions

Not all sequels are made equal, and where some are truly creative and innovative, others just offer more of the same old stuff. I don’t intend to argue whether some sequels are better than others, but on identifying the kind of sequels they are to begin with. In general, I believe there are two kinds of sequels, which for the purpose of this series I will call ‘evolutionary’ and ‘revolutionary’.

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Kurylo3d2232d ago

mario is and always will be awesome.

juegosmajicos2231d ago

And what do you think about Mega Man? That's the one I'll be talking about next.

EvilTwin2232d ago

Great article. You've really made me want to play SM 3D Land...

Menashe2232d ago

Insightful and easy to read. Good stuff!