Sony: PlayStation to lead back into profitability

Sony thinks, that the PlayStation-brand bring them back to profitability.

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Optical_Matrix2327d ago

I'm not sure if anyone read that The Making of Playstation article on EDGE a while back. Back in it's prime, SCE were raking in nearly or over 90% of Sony's profit lol Which is insane. I think once this rocky period is over for Sony, they could do well. Their CES press conference showed that they're still innovators when it comes to hardware on all fronts. They just need to force it more in the consumers faces. Hopefully Vita gets that treatment.

Chaostar2327d ago

The more profit that rests squarely on the Playstation brand the more attention Sony gives to us gamers.


bahabeast2327d ago

well everything sony makes is expensive, the playstation brand is the cheapest but still holds same quality as sony's other electronics.

Colwyn2327d ago (Edited 2327d ago )

The reason why a lot of Sony products are more expensive is because most of their products are of higher quality with more features than a lot of others

kneon2327d ago

They are only expensive compared to the second tier companies, all the big guys are usually in the same ballpark when you compare products of equal quality and features.

Bundi2327d ago

Bull. Sony's products are expensive even in the face of stiffer competition. The quality of their products isn't any better than Samsung. Sony were number one in so many electronic markets, today they are lucky to be in the top 5.

Drekken2327d ago

Samsung products are cheap and break easy. You are wrong.

gypsygib2326d ago

Samsung used to have well built products but I've noticed that recently their stuff is really cheaply made (although, still well designed).

Maybe now that their on top they don't care.