Nina Kristensen talks to about Heavenly Sword and More has been lucky enough to get an exclusive interview with 'Chief Development Ninja' Nina Kristensen of Ninja Theory. The interview is Heavenly Sword heavy, due to this being a game with two female characters, both of which are awesome:

"There's also a strange thing about Heavenly Sword in that some gamers questioned whether Nariko (the lead protagonist) and her able sidekick Gabrielle.. err.. we mean Kai are lesbians. They're not of course, more adopted sisters, but it interested us that some forums actually brought this into question, given there is nothing in the story other than their deep love for one another that suggests such a thing, certainly nothing sexual is alluded to. Perhaps it was just boys and wishful thinking. Whatever the case there is some sort of Xena / Gabrielle feeling in the subtext, perhaps it's straight female love subtext of a lesbian subtext."

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name3870d ago

-_- There's a site for lesbian gamers now?

Darkiewonder3870d ago

I was searching online a few months back to see if there was one. you would be surprised at the types of gamers are out there.

techie3870d ago

the "types" of gamers?

I'm not surprised there are gay people playing games...why is that surprising?

Darkiewonder3869d ago

To make a website.

There's the gays, lesbians, i wouldn't be surprise if there was a transexual gamer site ^^

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v1c1ous3870d ago

to counteract the low sales?

maybe make it a long-term victory?

or is another game around the corner and they are starting the PR work.

name3870d ago

No fanboy bs in here please.

And @ darkie wonder

I don't think it's really neccecary. I don't think sexual prefrence really plays a part in video gaming does it?

Well to be fair, after seeing the xbl gay bashing vid I can see why they would want to have a forum of their own. >:0 Those lesbians better back off from nariko though she's mine and she's straight.

robep33870d ago

Well if sexual preference doesn't matter why bother with the lesbo name/ site !!!!!
They want to be treated as normal yet have to name the site that LOL
Wish people would make their minds up on how they want to be treated.


Winter47th3870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

LOL @ Lezbo gamers, i wonder WTF does sexual preferences has to do with gaming and what exactly are they trying to prove, hope they don't turn their berserk-LMAO-mode on and jump on Nina 'nd start to go ape-sh!t all over the place.

Would hate to read one of their interviews with all the ' Like oOooOh, my god this's like SoOoo, Fetch ' flying around, Other than that, HS's underrated.

Dream Machine3870d ago

It has everything to do with everything if 'your kind' isn't welcomed.

Enough on the site, I'm much more interested in the almost definite idea of a sequel. All they need to do is make the narrative longer than the last game and they could have something amazing on their hands.

bootsielon3870d ago

Nina Kristensen does look like a lesbo. -_-

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