Wii U launch games will drive install base - Reggie

Reggie Fils-Aime isn't revealing what games will be available on day one but he did say that the Wii U launch games will drive the install base. He also mentions Zelda, Mario and Donkey Kong.

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Shok2378d ago

I'm sure one of the titles he's talking about is Retro's games.

Tanir2378d ago

yeeeah will just be another metroid game, then a drought till the zelda game or mario game.

the launch is gonna suck.

jacen1002378d ago

you are the worst TROOOLLLLL i ever seen lmfao get a life

slavish2378d ago

If the games look like the zeld pic then i will get wii u while i wait for the nextxbox/ps4

Khordchange2378d ago

I just want to see retro's game.

matey2378d ago

Reggie on Spike said them tech demo's were 10% of WiiU power so imagine 100% max power 10 times that Zelda tech demo would cripple a PC on high settings PERIOD im under no dillusions on WiiU power.

And if you think Ninty havnt secured huge games like GTA5 and Lego City Stories ect as well as some big deals with Crytek and EA not to mention Ubisoft the launch will be the BIGGEST in GAMING HISTORY.