Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning demo coming also to PC/PS3; exclusive Mass Effect 3 bonuses unveiled

DSOGaming writes: "It was revealed yesterday that a demo for 38 Studios’ upcoming action RPG, Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, would hit Xbox Live next week. Naturally, PC gamers began wondering whether or not this demo would come to their beloved platform. Well, good news for everyone as Reckoning’s Community Manager has revealed that the demo will also come to both PC and PS3."

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Captain Qwark 92328d ago (Edited 2328d ago )

pure awesomeness, buying both games day 1. playing both demos for the extras....and becuase im impatient

games are already gonna be hurtin the wallet this year...
Armored Core 5

sadly i cant skip any of them becuase except for kingdom, these are all sequels to my fav gaming series :/

possibly RE Operation Raccoon city too!

SP3333D-O2328d ago

Great! I want to like this game, but I'm not yet convinced. It seems a bit Saturday Morning cartoonish, from what I've seen. I hope I'm wrong.

despair2328d ago

completely wrong, its like skyrim meets fable, in a very good way. This is nothing like a kids game or a cheap adventure game, this looks to be a deep engrossing action RPG with top notch VO and story. The art style is a little on the toon side but I like it anyway.

Captain Qwark 92328d ago

i actually like the toony art side, its colorful and really suits the fantasy style imo. it also helps set it apart from most games these days which go for dark, gritty and realistic

SwampCroc2327d ago

I believe the "toon side" art style is going to be the most beneficial factor...

something really strong inside tells me that KoA:RK isn't going to have anywhere near the problems associated with open world games/expansive games because of it's toonish art style.. I don't think it's going to strain the systems like many other games do.

Graey2328d ago

Nice list.

Amalur is the only purchase I will go out of my way to get. Though I am curious about armored core 5 as well. Honestly i have never been able to get into mass effect. Played both games already just can't seem to keep interest in it.

Loved Dragon Age 1, but DA2 felt like ME and I couldn't play that game either.

Still nice game list, nice indeed.

Captain Qwark 92328d ago

thanks, and yeah amalur looks fantastic and since its lead designer is none other than the man who worked on morrowind, its a must buy.

also i agree, DAO was a masterpeice and DA2 was a turd, they did not need to merge the franchises both were good as is.

and AC5 looks fantastic, ive been a fan of those since PS1 and while great games AC4 and 4answer were missing something the others had ( less focus on speed mostly )but this one looks to go back to its roots, give it a try for sure!

nicolajNN2328d ago

Actually Ken is not the lead designer, that would be Ian Fraizer. Ken is one of the visionaries and is helping making the open-worldness as good as it can be, since he's kind of an expert in that area.

Anyway it looks amazing and is my most anticipated game this year. This is a great promotion and I have to tip my hat to Bioware for doing it since Reckoning is clearly the game that can gain the most from this, since Mass Effect is already such an established and well-known franchise

PiccoloGR2327d ago

Yeap, can't wait to get my hands on Reckoning too :D

Graey2327d ago

Good that we are all in agreement. Something about this game just has me all giggly inside. My inner geek is jumping up and down in anticipation.

Its fresh, though it is rooted in fantasy its a story I have yet to discover. That's why I love RPG's go much. The icing is Salvatore writing the backstory/lore for this game.

SwampCroc2327d ago

Sweet... I really want to play the demo for KoA:RK but I already have it pre-ordered and don't want to potentially kill my buzz of the game from the demo...

that being said.. I haven't played any of the Mass Effect games before so I don't need to play the KoA:RK Demo to get that extra stuff..

but I'll play the Mass Effect demo to get the KoA:RK stuff...

don't knock me for not playing Mass Effect... I'll get around to it soon enough..