Five Reasons the PS4 and Xbox 720 Won't Appear At E3 2012

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The rumor mill has been spinning wildly about new consoles at E3, but if you really look at the situation, it’s incredibly unlikely. I don’t think either the Xbox 720 or the PS4 will be unveiled at Electronic Entertainment Expo. I’m not psychic, of course, but here’s five solid reasons we may have to wait a while longer to enter the next generation.

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Shok2231d ago

Hm, good points actually. I never expected Sony to announce the PS4 to begin with but you have me doubting a 720 revealing now.

darthv722230d ago

if not at e3 then at the next big gaming event. one of them is going to get itchy and flinch then the other one will follow to save face.

Neither one would want the other to have an upper hand. No doubt there are two presentations prepared. One for if the other announces something so they can too. The other for if nothing is announced and they can steal the thunder.

it's inevitable.

EVILDEAD3602230d ago

Micrsoft will only announce Xbox 720 at E3, and doesn't have to show much at all.

The fact is 720 won't be in stores till holiday 2013. Micrsoft will preview at this years E3 and go ALL OUT at June E3 2013.

They will still have a holiday that includes Halo 4 and Kinect. Not to mention a bundle that will be priced WELL under Wii-U.

Sony may take the gamble as they havn't been on the market as long as the 360. But, what they probably will wait till the Tokyo conference and let announce then.

Either way, Nintendo already opened the gate and Micrsoft WILL follow.


morkendo232230d ago (Edited 2230d ago )

THE 720 will not be at E3 due to the fact it is still in quality control working out ALL the kinks and bugs. also 720 will NOT!!!! be the name. release year 2015

source: a next door neighbor friend work in Quality Control Department testing consoles,windows 7,8,9 programs before releasing for MICROSOFT.
a handheld gaming console will be announce soon thats all i can say.

u dont need to agree wait til E3 and microsoft will show u the NEW console will not be announce their 2012 strategy is to interface everyone to kenect

h311rais3r2230d ago

2015 is way too late to release a new console. Considering how aged they are now? U think the graphics physics and framerates will increase over the next 3 years with 5-6 year old tech?? That's just foolish. Pc games are evolving and console games are stagnant. That's y they need a new consOle.

GamingTruth2230d ago


the ps3 has never been developed for by the right developers youll be looking stupid when it does pc is evolving? and i still dont see uncharted 3 visuals on it or even gow3 graphics on it

MoreRPG2230d ago

Here is what i think is been said that the PS3 wont be revealed until 2014(it may be released that same year). The way i see it is obviously the Wii U will be out this year. the next Xbox will be revealed this year but wont be released until 2013.

Fylus2230d ago

The PS3 won't be revealed until 2014? :P

MoreRPG2230d ago

lol i didnt notice that

Fylus2230d ago

Yeah simple typo. But I REALLY hope you're right. I'd like to only have to focus on one console at the moment. PS4 will be amazing, but I'm still enjoying my PS3 atm.

josephps32230d ago

Top ONE Real World Reason why Next Gen won't be released until 2014.

World Economy- The most important significant reason. consumers are not able nor willing to spend at least $400 on another console and all new accessories that comes with it and extra controllers.

hellvaguy2230d ago

Actually gaming sales have never been higher than in this "recession". Gaming seems to be 1 area that people aren't skimping on.

h311rais3r2230d ago

Exactly. Gamin is what ppl do when they are out of work. Lol

C_Menz2230d ago (Edited 2230d ago )

The next xbox is is already somewhat confirmed to run a version of Windows 8. With Windows 8 releasing sometime in 2012 we could see Microsoft co-launch the new operating system alongside of the next xbox.

Why? What better way to get people to switch to your new operating system then to have millions of units already in the family living room. Allows them to make it more "casual"(something they are already doing) and making it more than just a game console.

Personally I see either a holiday 2012 launch, or early fall 2013.

Sony on the otherhand will wait until Microsoft is ready to launch. I doubt they pull the trigger first due to their prolonged life cycles(which I like). If they need to launch in 2012 then fine, 2013? Ok 2014? Ok?

Starbucks_Fan2230d ago

Anyone tired of seeing these articles? It's as annoying as Tim Tebow on ESPN!

Let's stop arguing and wait till E3!

Fylus2230d ago

I agree, it's more frustrating than a staring contest with Steve Buscemi.

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