The Best Tablet Gaming Devices/Accessories From CES 2012

In one of my last posts about how CES is going to impact gaming, I mentioned that tablets were going to be a key focus in that area. Not only are we seeing some highly powered tablets from CES 2012, more gaming peripherals are being thrown around. Here are my favourite 3 gaming-specific tablet products from the show flo

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vrylstminute2235d ago

Disappointed with the look of the Razer tablet. I have come to expect more from the Apple of gaming peripherals.

granthinds2235d ago

I think it looks good! More over, it looks functional.

DesVader2235d ago

The Razer Tablet looks phenomenal! Could this be the birth of a new way to game that will become more mainstream?

granthinds2235d ago

I know! Can you imagine jamming a bunch of them at a buddies place, if it has a TV out, if it can plug into a mouse and keyboard for strategy games. I can't imagine anything better. BRING IT ON!!!

DesVader2235d ago

Ah yes and I want to get one of those iCades for my iPhone. Arcade games FTW

Hashman2235d ago

Sounds pretty epic! Although I will never touch any of the Apple stuff personally (unless given to me free *hint hint*) The Razr Gaming tablet looks epic though :D Nice article!

ZeRoTHScar2235d ago

It all looks good.. But nothing beats the original design of my pc though. But if the future is moving ever so slick in the gaming genre.. I probably will get my mind changed by this little device.

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