Will Kingdom Hearts 3 be a bigger title then Final Fantasy Versus XIII?

Judgement786 and Sosdante talks about Final Fantasy Versus XIII and Kingdom Hearts 3, 2 big titles from Square Enix.

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Optical_Matrix2385d ago

I don't think we'll live to see either. Seeing as Versus XIII has no sign of releasing anytime soon and KH3 isn't gonna happen until the KH team is done with Versus.

MGS_fanatico_2385d ago

Versus might get a 2012 release in Japan... They are in full-production, so IF that be the case, we'll have KH in 2020! :D
The future sure is looking bright ain't it? :)

n4f2384d ago

i always taught that versus was supose to come out after 13 then i herd theres a 13-2 and a remake of 10. i dont think that it will come out this year. beside i stop carring about ff game a long time ago i just wanted to reply to your comment.

and to answer the question kingdom heart 1 was outstanding,kh2 was rubish.and with all the spinoff i dont think it be better but being bigger maybe in japan

MGS_fanatico_2384d ago

Judging from my disagrees, people just don't get sarcasm nowadays unless you don't specifically put "/s" at the end... I thought my exaggeration would be enough, it's sad really.

DigitalRaptor2385d ago (Edited 2385d ago )

You're no one of those 2012 believers are you?

Versus should be out in late 2012 or early 2013.

BiggsnWedge2384d ago

I'm no believer but it's only time till America&Israel wage war on Iran because they have "/nuclear weapons/" looool yeah we seen how that worked with Iraq huh

Pozzle2385d ago

I don't care which one ends up being bigger than the other. I just want them both to be released within my lifetime!

RedDead2385d ago

Not for me. I just hope they're both released before China takes over the world

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2385d ago

Darn right it'll be bigger. It's gonna skip a whole console generation too. KH3 is the end to the Xehanort saga. There have been 4 spin offs of the game after KH2... all of them giving clues as to how the story will end. Kh3 will tie all those spin offs together and finally end it all AND WHEN IT DOES I WILL NOT BUY INTO WHATEVER COMES AFTER CUZ I REFUSE TO GET INVESTED INTO ANOTHER KH SAGA THAT TAKES THIS LONG TO FINISH!!!!

r212385d ago

agreed man, id really like to see how this series finishes. seriously, with all its spin offs, how will KH end...or maybe it never ends.

trenso2384d ago

nomura said he wants to continue kh after 3 and im sure there will be other antagonists brought into the series. expanding more worlds that arent disney focused and more FF. plus MF from kh:BBS could be good antagonist since he is such a badass boss.

DEATHxTHExKIDx2385d ago

Im gonna say Kingdom hearts because theres been so many games building up to it. But I would like to see both before 2015.

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The story is too old to be commented.