Famitsu Review Gran Turismo 5 Prologue

Via Ripten:

"Famitsu - the Japanese Magazine that eclipses the rest, the one we're all waiting to hear from. They have now reviewed Gran Turismo 5 Prologue for the Playstation 3, and it wouldn't be inaccurate to say that it eclipses all other racing games around it."


Ripten have updated with a history of Famitsu perfect scores, and 39/40 scores. There aren't many.

Ripten have added a GT5 Prologue theme for the PS3.

Updated info on Car Damage - PSU have edited their preview, and so Ripten is no longer quoting them.

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TANOD3905d ago

I think this is the highest score Famitsu has given to any racing game till date

prunchess3905d ago

I very well might be the their highest.

The real kick in the teeth for all these other game developers is that GT5 runs at 60fps at 1080p! Most of these other game developers (like EA for example) could barely get their games to run at 30fps at 720p. Really shows how lazy these PS3 ports are. All we hear from them is "how difficult the PS3 is to code for" (Boo Hoo you're breaking my heart) when the reason for the sloppy ports is that they just can't be bothered to put the time into the PS3 version.

sonarus3905d ago

who the hell gave it a 9 lol. seriously did any one here expect anything less?

BrianC62343905d ago

"Really shows how lazy these PS3 ports are."

I don't consider them lazy. I just think PS3 games need to be developed from the start for the PS3. If you develop the game for the PC and 360 and port it to the PS3 you'll get a good game but not a great game. A lot of developers are now coming out and talking about this. You make the PS3 game and port to the 360. The 360 isn't as powerful so it will still come out good and nobody will notice. When you port to the PS3 though you get mediocre graphics. The PS3 deals with video different from how the 360 and PC do. You have to get the most from the smaller amount of PS3 video RAM, which is also very fast.

marinelife93905d ago

Wow just Wow. I guess I need to go ahead and assign a credit card to my Japanese account.

sonarus3905d ago

ps3 is difficult to code for as is every new piece of tech. xbox 360 architecture is very similar to computers so there is little or no learning curve and wii essentially is a game cube under the hood so jst use old game cube code. With time ps3 ports andgames will get better jst need to give devs a while to get more used to the tech. UT3 runs amazing on ps3 despite ps3's long history of unreal engine issues. Epic will provide their UT3 code for ps3 to all unreal engine purchasers so UE3 development should see significant improvement. Getting GT5 out of the difficulty of the ps3 architecture deserves tons of credit so props to polyphony

PS3PCFTW3905d ago (Edited 3905d ago )

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consider gt5p just a beta for its new online features. The king of racing games is here.

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uxo223905d ago (Edited 3904d ago )

@PS3PCFTW - Everyone above you show class and spoke like true gamers giving due praise to a game that deserves it. Then you with your inability to resist starting a flame war just had to start spewing out a bunch of negative sh!t about the 360.

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I'm not trying to be the savior of the site or the righteous one, I would just like to be able to read both 360 and PS3 news and read peoples comments on the news without having to sift through a bunch of BS spew out by a bunch of jerks the don't give-a-sh!t about anyone but themselves.

"youre just proof that this sites buble syste means SH!T, and those that base their persona on it need a life. HYPOCRIT "

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shrimpboat3905d ago

This game is just a taste of GT5 and it scored hiher than all of the best 360 racers. i am getting this game when it reaches our shores on day one.

"Famitsu scored Forza 2 36/40 and PGR4 33/40 - both extremely respectable scores. They have, however, scored GT5 Prologue 39/40 - that is 10, 10, 9 and 10."

TheSadTruth3905d ago

I was going to say how much I hate racing simulations and that they are boring and how it will not move many copies but than I look at the wikipedia numbers and i'm wow'd. 14.87 million copies of Grand Turismo 3 and 9.52 copies of Gran Turismo 4. Gran Turismo 3 sold more copies than Final Fantasy X, Final Fantasy XII, and Metal Gear Solid 3 COMBINED.

Now if only Racing Simulations weren't so boring.. if they made a more arcade-like Racer I would definitely pick up a Playstation 3 for that.

Bubble Buddy3905d ago

Playstation 3 Reinforcements =D

I was never a fan of racing but this game just crazy

Biphter3905d ago

Have you tried playing GT3 or 4 in "Arcade" mode? sure you can play it all realistic, but if you go into arcade mode its straight in racing, you can even choose a bit of rally if you like. Its not the real way to play GT, but the Arcade mode is great for a quick blast, especially good with a Logitech FF Steering Wheel.

I can't waith for GT5p.. I think this is the game that makes me plonk down the readies for a G25 Logitech Wheel as well, I will only ever play GT with a wheel, and my old GT3 branded FF wheel has seen better days.. good excuse in my book! :)

PS3PCFTW3904d ago

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ARBitrator3904d ago (Edited 3904d ago )

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The facts that you present are not the problem dude, it's the delivery vechicle in which you drive home your point. And I'll say one last thing then I'm out, if you are this way in real life, you in for some strange looks for people that don't even know you.

@UXO, stop wasting your time! Read the news, and STFU.

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vloeistof3905d ago

wow imaging when the full game hits

ruibing3905d ago

Imagine a full scoring racing game...can't wait.

Leg-End3904d ago

The changes they have made really could put this up there as the best Gran Turismo of all time - unusual for a series to get better after it has been around this long, but we've recently seen the same thing with the Super Mario series...

I doubt it will receive a full 40/40 from Famitsu though, even when the full game arrives - and I certainly can't imagine any western publications/websites giving the game a score as good as this.

mighty_douche3905d ago (Edited 3905d ago )

Fonza who????

"Polyphony Digital are Gods." couldnt agree more!

EDIT: Props to DEEP, great find, great post. cheers

InMyOpinion3905d ago

Forza 2 does a lot of things right. It's a great racing simulator and has lots of content to play around with.

It can't compete with GT5 graphically though. GT5 looks to be something very special. Does anyone know how many cars/tracks it will include from start? I hope there's at least 200 cars from start. I heard rumors that you will have to pay for them them as downloadable content. GT5 might be the game that makes me consider getting a PS3.

Mu5afir3905d ago

GT, is the best car simulator around. It is THE car simulator.. I don't know why anyone would mention Forza in the same sentence as GT. Anyways, the game will have 400+ cars as of now. More will be added through DLC on the PSN.

crunchie1013905d ago

Ah, sorry, I gave you a disagree by accident!

techie3905d ago

That's alright Crunchie :) Next time though, don't speak AT me, speak TO me :)

Anybody miss deep? :P

danarc3905d ago


If by, "from the start" means the amount of cars included in the game (Gran Turismo 5 I'm talking about here, not prologue), then I think theyve said its over 900, there was 700 in Gran Turismo 4, so they will only improve. You have to "buy" some of the cars in-game to unlock them for play in splitscreen I think (using in-game currency, not realy money).

InMyOpinion3905d ago

Ok =) Thx for the info.

I still think the level of cusomization in Forza 2 is unparallelled. It's a whole different experience than GT and I don't think it's fair to compare them. If I hade to choose one I'd go with GT5, but Forza 2 is still a great experience and delivers hardcore simulation. IMO it gets a little too heavy at times; adjusting cambers and wheel tilting etc just isn't that hot lol!

cuco333905d ago

This better be leaps and bounds better than the demos we were presented with...

As an avid racing fan and car enthusiast I will say that Forza 2 nailed it best in terms of how a car drives for a console racing game. I love the GT series but they have felt arcadey at best, especially the bump n run into 1st place style of racing. If GT5 delivers a new engine that matches Forza 2, the graphics will be worth it. Sadly I have my serious doubts since GT3 for me disappointed followed only by GT4 which disappointed even more. I refuse to buy a demo to a game. That's what this is. I will buy GT5 in 4 yrs or whenever it comes out.

but god I hope they put ONLY the actual cars people want to drive and not a Nike prototype or Ford Model T, Another realm where Turn10 nailed it... look at the latest car and track back for Forza 2 = Road America and cars like the E30 M3, Audi Sport Quattro and Renault 5 Turbo!

cuco333905d ago

I think someone said it best... the AI and physics better be VASTLY improved, otherwise GT5 will be another Pokemon style digital car collectible game like it's predecessors and nothing more. If you want a racing simulator, look towards PCs. GT series does rank up their in my book as the top 3 for consoles but it is not THE racing simulator

GTR (PC) >> Forza 2 (360) >> GT (PS)

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actas1233905d ago

so this game has a demo already?

TANOD3905d ago

not the full game

GT5 PROLOGUE is a demo of GT5

BrianC62343905d ago

There was also a demo of Prologue but only in the Japanese store. Maybe the US store will get it soon. That demo is free.

Kururo3905d ago

39/40, not bad at all. I wonder what the full game will receive?

BrianC62343905d ago

Maybe Famitsu will do what some magazine or site did with their Super Mario Galaxy review and give GT5 a 41 out of 40. Did you see SMG got an 11 out of 10 by some idiot? How do you seriously give a number higher than your highest score?