Alan Wake's American Nightmare Release Date Announced

Check out the release date of Alan Wake's American Nightmare now!

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acemonkey2197d ago

thats soon......i played the first alan but none of the dlc? does this game tie into all the dlc "add ons"? if so im lost lol

RyuDrinksTheDew2197d ago

in an interview with Geoff Keighley, Remedy mentioned that if you havent played the original Alan Wake content, you wont have trouble getting into this game. But, if you have invested time into Alan Wake and its DLC, there are story ties and novel mentions of stuff inside American Nightmare.

here is the interview. its definitely worth watching. :)

acemonkey2197d ago

thanks for the link and the info

BX812197d ago

Damn! I wasn't expecting it this soon. I'm really looking forward to this game!

Johnny_Cojones2197d ago

Cool, for a while I was a bit bummed about the unlikely prospect of this series continuing.