Eurogamer First Impressions: Tom Clancy's EndWar

Eurogamer writes:

"Yeah, it works. Best to get that out of the way early. Because if you've been paying the slightest attention to Ubisoft Shanghai's ambitious and risky attempt to reinvent the real-time strategy genre on console, it really all boils down to one question. And that, in short, is the answer. Voice command in EndWar? It works. Really well, actually."

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Chubear3902d ago

One of my most anticipated games for next year.

Howler94433902d ago

It appears as if the voice command system is going to work really well. Thats really cool...but that brings me to the question of, if you are playing against a friend(s) online how do you chat with them? Do you have to press a button to issue commands or something?

I am really interested in seeing how it plays out on the consoles. :-)

I must admit, I am a bit of a Supreme Commander freak. :-)

predator3902d ago

im really lloking forward to this game, i have high hopes that this will be good.

Ureval3902d ago

Is this a 360 exclusive?