Console XP | Breaking the 4th Wall: Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception

Michael Antwan wrote "It’s fair to say Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception has won its fair share of Game of the Year awards this past December; then about 20 more Naughty Dog will end up throwing away when their trophy case gets full. Who could argue that Uncharted 3 isn’t a gorgeous looking, action packed, heartstring pulling, edge of your seat adventure deserving of the highest praise this industry has to offer? Well I can of course, so let’s jump into it.
The story in Uncharted 3 just plain sucks. It’s a sad excuse for a script coming from arguably one of the best writers gaming has to offer, Amy Henning. It serves the player through plenty of action packed set pieces, but leaves dozens of plot holes unfilled or ignored. It lacks the concrete setting of Uncharted 1, or the strong lead villain Uncharted 2 had. It’s certainly bests the series in terms of action and scale, but its plot is nowhere as strong."

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MsKate2379d ago

Stopped reading after "The story in uncharted 3 just plain sucks". I understand this is an opinion piece but uncharted 3 and suck shouldn't even be in the same sentence. I guess fanboys will be fanboys...

Uncharted 3 was by far the best game this year offering the best storytelling this gen....

Saladfax2379d ago

Just plain no. I liked the game. I enjoyed it very much. I don't agree with the phrase, "just plain sucks," but there were many, many weaknesses to the gameplay and yes, story, which definitely don't make it the best game this year.

I'll still buy every Naughty Dog game, but I gotta say Uncharted 3 was quite a bit weaker than a lot of what they've done.

MsKate2378d ago

What?! ha, that's the funniest thing I've ever heard. "Weak"? Sure buddy.

Uncharted 3 set the standards for gaming last year, believe it or not. Uncharted 3's gameplay is far better than any TPS this gen which i can prove by facts.

No offense, but are you a gears of war fan? you must be, because I honestly don't believe you even own a PS3

Saladfax2378d ago

You can prove it by facts? I don't even know what to say to that. As if empirical evidence for something so completely subjective could ever exist is just plain... ugh...

Whatever. I don't particularly care about what you believe. I'm not going to posture or lie on the internet for kicks, so take what I say in whatever fashion you like. Yes, I own a PS3. No, I don't own a 360. I've played tiny bits of Gears of War, but the poor dialogue and storytelling have never even remotely interested me.

Admittedly, 3rd person shooters aren't my favorite genre ever, but I found Uncharted 3's gameplay often over-lengthy, tedious, and frustrating. I enjoyed the story, for the most part, but yeah, there were plenty of flaws to it. It's that way with a lot of games.

And yes, I said weak. More specifically, "weaker than a lot of what they've done." Most concretely referring to the other Uncharted games, Jak and Daxter. Maybe not quite as far back as Crash Bandicoot, but I didn't say it was weaker than anything ever, as you seemed to assume.

Now, keep in mind, I never said UC3 was bad. I even said I enjoyed it, but that's not the point. I merely disagreed with your assertion that it's the best anything ever. And honestly... I won't pretend to decide upon your opinion for you, but if you think Uncharted 3 best game with the best storytelling ever, then you really need to play more games. A lot more.

E2M2378d ago

I don't agree that the story sucks in fact I think it had the best story but failed to tell it better

SoapShoes2378d ago

That's where I stopped reading too. Despite some flaws it was still very good. I mean if you want to nitpick you can point out a bunch of problems in Uncharted 2's story too.

As for Marlow I think she's a good villain. While lazaravic is a good villain because he's a brutal badass, I find Marlow to be just as menacing only in a different way. She has power, people do what she tells them to do, and if you're on her bad side you'll get dead. She had just as evil of intentions as Lazaravic.

Saladfax2378d ago

I just wished Marlow could've gotten more development. I mean, they could've cut out the whole shipyard sequence with only minor changes to the script, and then they could've fleshed out the actual villain more.

I mean, there wasn't anything wrong with the pirate guys or the sequence, but it really felt misplaced and not at all important to the story. I don't necessarily have a problem with their design philosophy (to come up with big sequences and set pieces, filling the story around them), but especially with the shipyard sequence, it just felt forced.

As far as Lazaravic... he's a little bit *too* evil, but he's not a Captain Planet, run-oil-tankers-into-baby-peng uins type of caricature-evil. However, Uncharted 2 had a better flow to the story, better logic in progression from scene to scene. Character actions made more sense. Still a few loose threads here and there, but a very entertaining product without question.

SoapShoes2378d ago

I don't see how it felt misplaced... Marlow told the guy to take care of him, hence why he took him. He was supposed to kill him but he wanted what they were seeking for himself. You could say certain parts of the first two games could have been cut out as well if you think about it.

Also could you say that Gabriel Roman and Lazaravic were really developed well? We didn't know much about either of them.

Saladfax2378d ago

A minor villain introduced halfway through the game exists for one chapter in order to create the set pieces of a ship graveyard followed by a sinking ocean liner. Sure, there are other instances of the set-pieces not being quite married to the plot, but this one, to me, is the most glaring.

The pirate people served no purpose whatsoever. The plot remained in the exact same position before and after they took him to their ship, excepting Sully's kidnapping (which could have still taken place). The pirate mercs themselves were only present to justify the chapter at sea. Why would Marlowe even bother *hiring* the dumbass pirates with the countless incredibly dedicated and loyal thugs (see: fighting in burning buildings, etc). I wouldn't imagine Talbot would've minded putting a bullet to Drake, so we simply come back to a shoehorned subplot devised to put in the set-piece. I could go on, but I don't wish to belabor the point.

Now, once again, I did enjoy the game, but some of the writing really and truly felt weak and even a little lazy. Yeah, it's in the other games too, but this one in particular just felt more obvious.

SoapShoes2377d ago

I completely disagree. It was perfectly fine in there, imo. Did it mess with the story telling, pacing, gameplay, or anything like that? No. Could it have been cut out? Sure, but so could many plot points in the first two.

The pirate people did serve a purpose and that was to keep Drake out of Marlow's hair.