Korean girl group f(x) to appear in RPG Granage

It has been revealed that the advertising models for Korean RPG "Granage" are the members of popular girl group, f(x).

For the next 6 months, f(x) will continue to be the models of Granage and will participate in various promoting activities. f(x) will also be introducing each of the characters and the quest NPC. They will be active as a surprise to the cute and sporty image of f(x). Their commercial for the game can be viewed below.

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ScubbaSteve2324d ago

Their music is so derivative.

LightofDarkness2324d ago

I know, I can hear tinges of Morbid Angel in there but they're obviously trying to sound like The Black Dahlia Murder and other deathcore bands.

Zha1tan2324d ago

I thought there was hints of a south korean girl group in there, but of course i could be wrong.