Rumor: Retro Dev Vaguely Hints at New Game on Twitter; Immediately Erases Account

A Twitter account by one of Retro Studios recently hired artists, who worked on Uncharted 3 at Naughty Dog, used wording that some used to imply Retro will be finishing a new game this year. When the Tweet reached the press and public, Nintendo immediately pulled down the account from Twitter.

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Titanz2145d ago

E3 will be more exciting, it seems.

LightofDarkness2144d ago

Probably DKCR 2. But I would like to see a new Metroid :)

Shok2144d ago

We don't need a sequel to that. Not yet.

Game4life2144d ago

I want a remake of donkey kong 64 or a sequel to it.

3GenGames2144d ago (Edited 2144d ago )

I love how the articles tries to make it seem like Nintendo would outsource programming for one of their games, a snowballs chance in hell they would ever do that. Although a WiiU game, maybe, although it seems like a lot of garbage is being pulled out of thin air here.

ronin4life2143d ago

Retro has worked on many games for Nintendo, including mario kart 7.
Where have you been?

3GenGames2143d ago

Nintendo wouldn't let any studio touch the big games though. Spin offs that aren't important, sure. Like they keep Initi creates japan work on Paper Mario still, but even then you think Nintendo doesn't go through and make sure their staff is up to snuff with theirs and follows their rules? lol.

meowthemouse2144d ago

I'm almost 100% sure its eternal darkness 2!

nyobzoo2144d ago

I don't see what's so bad about that tweet, a developer making a game!? No Way!? seriously, he didn't even say anything related to the game to give it away

PopRocks3592144d ago

Actually it might be the bit about "crunch time." Since the stories involving Team Bondi, I think Nintendo would not let people have the idea that Retro might be undertaking impossible crunch time hours.

Or they're just being oversensitive. Either way, there is very little here to be mad at. Can't wait to see what these masters are working on now.

TruthbeTold2144d ago (Edited 2144d ago )

Agreed. It gives hints as to how close to E3 as compared to Thanksgiving the Wii U will be released I think. That hint suggests earlier rather than later. October maybe? Or are they going to try to create a huge amount of hype in June, and follow up directly in July or August with a release?

If I'm Nintendo, I want this thing out well before the real Holiday shopping season starts. That way, retailers riding the hype train wanting to use it to garner more sales in other areas, can make their own deals and price cuts. Because surely this thing will cost at least $300, but probably more like $350 I'm thinking.

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The story is too old to be commented.