Virtual Console gifts region locked

Fancy sending your mates in the States a Virtual Console Christmas present with the new Wii gift feature? No ball, because it's region locked.

Wii owners in North America, where the gift feature has just been released, report that sending Virtual Console gifts to friends in other countries - even North American neighbour Canada - results in a disappointing error message and the purchased VC game going into the bin.

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Sez 3936d ago

didn't nintendo and MS post their sales numbers like three weeks ago. well as they say better late to the party. then to never have attended.

ItsDubC3936d ago

region-locking == weak

BrotherNick3936d ago

Why nintendo...this by far is the dumbest thing ever, region locked vc games??? It's not like Canada is PAL or anything. I have friends in canada, and was planning to get them sonic lol. -_-

M_Prime3936d ago

BrotherNick, if ur handing out free VC games to friends i want in LOL..

but seriously i understand if different continents are locked cause EU and AUS and JP have different releases.. but i woulda thought CANADA and USA is the same.. i'm in CANADA and we all get the same stuff as USA at the same time..

kinda crappy... but then again we don't exactly have voice chat.. though funny thing.. i have a mic on my PC and i never use it.. my brother does in VENTRILLO but in the game i never do.. i mean if i am on VENT then okay.. but like the ingame stuff like in ORANGE BOX (PC) i don't use.. i just play, but its a nice feature to have

commadore653935d ago

that sucks.. aren't the games on the VC region specific anyway? they should do away with that for a start. I reckon wherever in the world you should be able to access all the same games no matter what region they were from. It's not like they are selling the actual product anymore.

Maybe I wanna download Contra rather than Probotector, (tho god knows why coz robots rule over some army men) i should be able to.

Just forces people to get the roms i guess.

ItsDubC3935d ago

Agreed, I would think that managing VC releases separately for all regions just means more work for Nintendo.

Anyway, region-locking, the Photo Channel's switch to AAC from MP3, and Nintendo's stance on why the Wii doesn't need a hard drive currently top my "WTF Nintendo?" list.