Plus XP: Asura’s Wrath Preview

Leon from Plus XP writes "Considering the premise of Asura’s Wrath, in which players take the reigns of the demigod Asura as he battles gods in angry revenge, it set itself a high bar to meet in terms of expectations. Dubbed by gamers as a potential “God of War-beater” in terms of epic battles, I was excited to see what Capcom and CyberConnect2′s game had to offer in its demo (out today on Xbox, tomorrow on PS3), seeing as over-the-top action games are among my favourites – especially those made alongside Capcom, who are responsible for Devil May Cry and God Hand which share a similar genre. So how did the demo measure up to the hype?"

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ThichQuangDuck2230d ago

Fun from what I played but possibly a little too much quick time.

BoNeSaW232230d ago

So what exactly was the fun part? Pushing X, then watch......Press UP now, then watch........Now press both sticks Up, AT THE SAME TIME! Getting funner! Now rotate my analog in a Circle!!!! Holy @#*$ THIS IS SO FUN! /S
This game blows hard.

ThichQuangDuck2230d ago

fun for considering how simplistic it is but I still just as you do hope the combat overall is well combat and not just painful mashing of buttons because I wanted it to be much better.

BoNeSaW232229d ago

Yeah HUGE disappointment after watching the trailers. Gameplay is incredibly shallow and the free roam shooting parts are just as poor.

Omega Zues2230d ago

It was fun to play however the gameplay is not very in-depth. Everything felt shallow. And the story I find interesting but alas I dont think its well played.

I still plan to check the full game once it comes out but im not expecting any thing ground breaking.

But hey, whats wrong with just a fun game right?

Deadpool6162230d ago

That's exactly how I feel!

It's not a ground breaking game, but it's fun and over the top. =D