MS on Activision Blizzard: "Wow!"

A Microsoft Europe executive has told of his reaction to the recent merger of Activision and Vivendi, saying "wow!".

Speaking to at the launch of Xbox Live Marketplace Video Store in London yesterday, Stephen McGill, head of gaming and entertainment, said he thought both publishers "have an appetite to deliver some amazing gaming experiences" and he "can't see that changing".

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DarkSniper3754d ago

The reaction by Microsoft can be translated into one thing.

"They wouldnt take our money but they would take Activsion's? How are we ever going to be able to overthrow Sony if developers wont take our cash incentives? That's all we're ever good for anyway."


wageslave3754d ago

what on earth are you babbling about? MS would never buy Vivendi... what planet are you on?

Darkiewonder3754d ago

"OH snap, we waited too long and now we have to MORE to get Actiblizzard to become part of us{

IDK. lawlz I love the companies from Europe. Sony/Microsoft are funny. who from Nintendo is From Europe?

Goodkat3754d ago

Wow! i think i just sh1t my pants -_-

Bladestar3754d ago

lol... how quick Sony fanboys turned this into bad news to microsoft and the xbox 360... "WOW".

wow... these developers will still support the dominant console.
wow... microsoft does not need to give these company money to make games on the xbox 360.

Bombomb3754d ago

do sony fanboys have anything else better to do?

predator3754d ago

it was wow for everyone, this means there is less exclusives for both companys now

wageslave3754d ago

Not necessarily. There is no reason to think that Activendi wouldnt do an exclusive if it made business sense...

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